Brief SFR Brevet report: Fall Del Puerto Canyon 200km

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Rob Hawks

Nov 8, 2021, 10:44:02 AM11/8/21
to SF Randonneurs
Hi all,

121 riders checked in on Saturday morning and left in small groups until 08:00 when the remaining group (save a handful) left to ride the Del Puerto Canyon 200km route. This was the second time running this route this year, and ironically, though we had a Spring version, the Canyon was much greener this time than earlier in the year. While not a rushing torrent, there was water in the canyon stream.

The weather was proclaimed by some to be the best weather for this event ever. I do not have a convincing argument to rebut that, but as you know sometimes objective data is interpreted subjectively. That said, it was much warmer at the start than nearly every other running of this event. The wind picked up through the day and was largely consistent in it's directional sources which of course means there was a headwind on Mines Road requiring riders to pedal to go down hill. To my perspective, Mines Road wind was a bit stiffer than usual, but all other aspects of the full day's weather outweighed that.

Of those 121 riders, we saw at least 20 brand new RUSA/SFR members on the ride. We don't keep stats on that but it has to be a high for riders doing their first RUSA event with us.

Next event: Fall Uvas Gold, First Saturday in December. Sign up now!

rob hawks
sfr rba



Nov 8, 2021, 11:40:12 AM11/8/21
to San Francisco Randonneurs
Okay okay, I know randonneuring ISN'T competitive (my finish times surely aren't) but I added another Del Puerto in the books... and it appears Rob, Kilgore, Metin and Greg Merritt also had the same idea... oh well.

Here's a quick video edit of my day out on the route (although I've been told warn viewers of the volume if they don't like loud music early in the morning):


Sourav Das

Nov 8, 2021, 1:52:16 PM11/8/21
to Irving Pham, San Francisco Randonneurs
Unless for some reason the old timers skip a few years, they have a solid lead. BUT if you count just Del Puerto Cyn Rd, there is a certain Peninsula rider who will leave all these distinguished individuals in the dust.


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