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Keith Beato

Apr 8, 2010, 2:32:05 PM4/8/10
to San Francisco Randonneurs
2010 Sins of the Fleche Ride Report.

What makes a Randonee a Brevet so special? The triumph or challenge of riding long unsupported distances within a time limit on scenic less traveled roads? Or is it the multi day sustainable post ride endorphin rush addiction? Maybe for some participants it is the amazingly beautiful bikes and bags? Could it be the license to be a bike and light geek, act French, or sit around a warm fire telling riding in the rain stories? No question in my mind…it is the eclectic cast of characters and camaraderie that makes this type of riding so special! You just can’t find a more fun and interesting group of cyclists than a collection of Randonneurs and Randonneuses!


Our 2010 Fleche story begins with four committed Sins Bob Buntrock, Peter Morrissey, Keith Beato, and Todd Teachout. Three out of four of the Sins were virgins of the Fleche (Beato, Buntrock, and Morrissey) with just one previously committed Sin…of the Fleche…Todd Teachout.  Before the ride Teachout advised the virgins to “savor the moment” rather than “rush to the finish.”  So we took pictures of the bikes, and I performed a ceremonial dubbing of the heaviest bike award, and conducted an official Sins Pre Ride Bag inspection (see below for contents of bags for the four Sins).


Our route was Berkeley-Fairfield-Napa-Cloverdale-Guerneville-Corte Madera-San Francisco which featured many of the same roads ridden in the SF Brevet Series including the previous weeks 400k.  While ascending Spruce within a mile of departure I promised to never add unnecessary extra miles or climbing for any future Fleche. At the summit, we managed to run into my regular Saturday riding group while stopping for a nature call on Wildcat. Most of the route was familiar to the GPP Century route to the Carquinez Bridge. However, after the first control at mile 44 the route became interesting featuring some unchartered territory, at least for me, with amazing scenic sections at mile 77 and beyond the second control at Capell Valley Road and 128 West. For most of daylight the weather was cool and breezy but sunny. Later in the afternoon 128 West featured some strong headwinds. The team took its time at the controls and unplanned stops including 2 early flats and a tire change but kept a good pace in the headwind up to the turnaround in Cloverdale. The group enjoyed its longest rest and a big Mexican Dinner at mile 130 before darkness.  On the return temperatures dropped to 39 degrees and the route was riddled with poorly paved roads causing two more flats and another tire change. At some point on the return through Occidental a couple of rain drops fell on the Sins. After the final flat the ride featured a brisk pace through the typical Valley Ford Tamales and Marshall rollers with almost no wind


It is almost time to end this rambling stream consciousness.  In Summary this Sin looks forward to committing recurring Sins of the Fleche in 2011 and beyond! Bon Courage


Seven Sins Committed and awards:



The Fleche Captain: Adding unnecessary distance and climbing to the route due to an Excel Spreadsheet calculation error.



The team shared an excessive or rapacious desire and pursuit of Denny’s (22nd hour control) descending too fast on some of the worst road surfaces in Northern CA.



The Captain, falling asleep on Bart post ride, missing the Rockridge Bart exit, and pedaling at 3.5mph up Moraga Rd through Piedmont to Oakland, stopping for a GU just 3 blocks from home and finally getting in bed at 11:53AM.

Todd and Bob both riding bikes over 30lbs and coincidently tied for the most flats with 2 each. Both riders also replaced a tire.



Longest pull in a direct headwind by Peter Morrissey.

Team Mules Todd Teachout and Bob Buntrock both carried excess supplies.

Bob Buntrock’s generous offering of extra spare gloves for everyone.

Peter’s relentless pace.

Todd and Bob’s extended long pulls.



Todd’s beautiful and completely integrated Toei Randonneur

Peter’s clever lightweight custom Dean Randonneur with Disc Brakes



Watching Peter and Bob float effortlessly up the steepest hills in the final hours of the ride.

The Captains full head to toe wool wardrobe.

Peter Morrissey lighting system with his dual eDelux and Helmet light combo and low beam taillights.

Peter’s gloves that turned into mittens

Todd Teachout was easily the most visible or reflective rider in the night.

Bob Buntrock never really looked tired.



Chocolate Croissant at La Farine, Muscle Milk at 7/11 departure, French Dip Sandwich at Wooden Valley Grill, Bag of Potato Chips at the Turtle Rock Bar, Jelly Doughnut at Geyersville mini mart, Quesadilla, Grilled Shrimp Dinner, Chips, Salami and Ham Sandwich at Guerneville Safeway, Pancakes, Poached Eggs, Bacon, and Hash Browns at Denny’s, Cheese and Onion Crepes washed down by Espresso, Fat Tire Beer, and Carrot Juice – all by yours truly!


Most nature stops between controls: Not even close Peter Morrissey


Sins Riders, Bags, and Bikes:

Peter Morrissey (2 time PBP Ancien, GRR, Last Chance and 1000’s of kilometers):

Fleche' 2010 Pre-Race goals: Peter announced he would complete this ride without a single drop of Perpeteum, ride the lightest bike, ride socially, and keep the feet warm.  In addition, he would use the 2010 Fleche as training for the upcoming Davis 400k and Davis and SF 600k brevets, and The Last Chance.  Peter consistently rides in the lead group while participating in the SF Randonneur Brevet series. This friendly and humble group of talented and goal oriented riders are rapidly narrowing in earning their R60 Awards for 2011 despite the challenging SF Brevet Series.  Requirements of the famed “R60” Rando award can be viewed on created by Jan Heine (fastest US rider time for 2007 PBP).

Highlights of the 2010 Fleche: 

Mysterious early encounter with another Fleche group at hwy 128 just 78 miles into our ride. Mapping out plans for next year’s Fleche route from Yosemite. Leading our group up the rollers through Valley Ford at 1:00AM and dragging the Captain over the hills.

Biggest Challenges:

Holding Todd’s top tube during flat changes. Convincing the rest of the Sins group to sign on for a sub 56 hour 2011 PBP finish.

Pre Ride Bag Inspection:

Custom stackable saddle bag by Moots (bottom) and Detours Guppy Large Wedge under saddle. No handlebar bag or cue sheet. Peter actually reads the general route before the ride but probably secretly carries a hidden route sheet. It should be noted, Peter’s bags were never seen open at any of the controls or along the route. He claimed to a have Balaclava for the forecasted sub 40 degree weather during the night.

Favorite food on the bike: 

Usually something in a bottle (unflavored Perpeteum sometimes mixed with Hammer Gel), and GU Energy gels. 

Favorite Food off the bike: Just about anything except red meat. Quesadillas, Grilled Shrimp, Two Chocolate Croissants from La Farine.

Favorite Beverage Craving:

Coke Slurpee after midnight and in sub 40 degree weather.

Favorite beverage on the bike: Nothing unless the temperature rises above 65 degrees.  Peter  forgot his water bottles which I think was deliberate to reduce aerodynamic drag and weight while attacking the hills and sprinting for city limits. He refused bottles from his Fleche teammates and instead bought 1 plastic water bottle at our 7/11 departure and another later which no one from the Sins ever saw lift out of his bottle cage.

Favorite drink off the bike: Can of Coke, Retro Bottle Coke, Chocolate milk washed down with a Coke, 1 Chai tea but only before 11:00AM.

Favorite ride discussion topic:  The great bakery debate Tomales Bakery, Bovine, Busy Bee, La Farine, or Tartine Bakery and Cafe? France travel plans for PBO 2011, previous Brevet stories, training plains, dropping movie lines and quizzing Todd, Pers Retirement calculations, early retirement, naming local bodies of water, and travel plans to Europe.

Bike: Custom titanium Dean frame with S & S couplers equipped with full Dura Ace 7900, including 180mm length standard DA 53/39 crank, 11/28 cassette, clever Disc Brakes, Hand built Wheels w/Chris King hubs on Velocity Rims, Conti 4 Season 25mm tires, and SKS full fenders, Terry Fly Buzz off Ti railed Saddle, Moots Ti seat post, and white Cinnelli carbon ergo integrated bar and stem.

Lights: Schmidt Son28 Black Anodized with Dual eDelux Black Anodized LED lights on custom from light rack. Helmet light with rear lamp and battery pack. Planet Bike Super Blinky taillight

Hobbies off the Bike: Anything extreme, home improvements, hiking, and traveling and riding in Europe.


Todd Teachout (3 time PBP Ancien 1999, 2003, and 2007 and 1 time LEL 2008):

Fleche 2010 Pre-ride goals: Stay dry, finish, and ride socially.

Pre ride Bag Inspection: Gilles Berthoud Large Handlebar Bag with map case and Berthoud rear saddlebag. The Handlebar bag was filled with a 6 pack of Ensure plus other heavy items.

Highlights of the 2010 Fleche: Winner of the heaviest Bike competition and least prepared for cold weather awards.

Favorite food on the bike: Chocolate milk

Favorite beverage on the bike: Water

Favorite discussion topics on this ride: Bikes, Past PBP and LEL events, History of SF Randonneur club, Travel, Marin railroad history. Todd always has something interesting to say.

Bike: Gorgeous Custom Toei (steel lugged) fully integrated racks, Crank is a TA Zephyr  50-40-30, Cassette is 13-26 Campagnolo Chorus, Derailleurs are Campagnolo Daytona - the only all aluminum group available in 2008. Brakes are worth mentioning - Mafac 2000 centerpulls
Nitto - Seat Post, Grand Bois Handlebar, Honjo Fenders Jitensha built the wheels on Mavic MA3 Rims. 

Lights:  Schmidt Son20r with Silver eDelux LED and integrated bumble bee taillight. Todd also had an LED affixed to his Berthoud saddle bag which bounced off twice while descending some rough roads riddled with potholes.

Hobbies off the Bike:  Boats, Books, tinkering with things mechanical


Bob Buntrock (2 time GRR and rider of every CA Double Century):

Fleche 2010 Pre-Ride goals: - Successfully complete Fleche 2010. Ride as the designated team mule (offer to pump up all flat tires) and carry 3 sets of spare gloves and other various clothing. Ride the heaviest bike.

Pre ride Bag Inspection: Sun and rain weathered faded to a beautiful patina green overstuffed Carradice Barley bag with a Ti bagman support tilted to the left!  Bob’s overstuffed Carradice Barley included 2 sets of extra gloves, a spare tire, 4 tubes & C02 cartridges, Heed, Perpeteum, an extra jersey and arm warmers and more.

2010 Sins Awards:  Runner up in heaviest bike competition, most unusual but effective generator light setup.

Highlight of the 2010 Fleche: Todd's two flats following Bob's two mysterious flats. Winner of Sins most prepared for cold weather award. Close 2nd place finish in heaviest bike competition.

Favorite food on the bike: - Never saw Bob eat once on the bike.

Favorite food off the bike: Always something healthy, grilled vegetables, Low fat Burrito, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Chocolate milk

Favorite beverage on the bike: - Heed mixed with Perpeteum

Favorite Beverage off the bike: - Gatorade

Favorite discussion topics on this ride: Bob has traveled and lived around the world. Bob had the best story about pre ride preparation mistakes accidently locking his keys, wallet, and 1 glove in his car before a long distance ride

Bike: Early OCLV Trek 5500 Carbon with room only for 23mm tires.  Hand built Wheels on Record hubs with Pro race 3 - 23mm tires. Koobi Gel saddle with worn off cover and a Thomson seatpost. Campy 10 sp Record group with homemade 11/29 cassette 50/34 alloy crank. I estimate this bike weighed over 30lbs on our departure.

Lights: Schmidt Son28 with Super Nova LED just below handlebars sharing the same mount as his Campy cycle computer plus a 1 DiNotte 200L mounted on the handlebar with cue clip and cue sheet.

Hobbies: Travel and anything athletic  


Keith Beato (1 time PBP Ancien - 2007):

Fleche 2010 Pre-Ride goals: Finish the Fleche awake and stay at least 3 feet from all Cliff Bars or Perpeteum. Attack on the descents and in the headwinds, and during Peter's nature stops, flat tire changes, and hang on for dear life in the hills or at least stay within visual contact. Ride the heaviest loaded bike.

Bags Inspection:  Carradice Super C Saddlepack. Berthoud saddle pouch mounted as mini bar bag. Spare cables, chain tool, spare chain links, fiber fix, spoke wrench, multi tool, 2 tubes, spare tire, balaclava, extra base layer, showers pass jacket, cell phone, and tig welding tools.

Biggest Challenge of 2010 Fleche: Riding 39/28 less than 4mph home after Bart.

Not stopping at the Marshall store. Finalizing the route.

Highlights of the 2010 Fleche:  Riding with this amazing group of people without Perpeteum or Cliff bars. Resting and recovering during the 4 flats.  Watching two sets of taillights battle the summits up the steepest sections of our route. Despite the distance and darkness I could usually isolate who was who by (Peter and Bob's) distinctly opposite climbing styles - Bob seated, still, and upright in contrast to Peter's rocking stomping stroke turning those 180mm crank arms.

Favorite Peter Morrissey Quote: “It’s only about 100 miles to a warm post office at Pt Reyes station.”

Favorite Bob Buntrock Quote:  While turning left on Carl at the end of the ride "Next year - it's probably not necessary to make our route any longer than 360k."

Favorite Todd Teachout Quote: "I can make Fleche Cards if necessary."

Bike: Custom Steel lugged Waterford RS-22 with Ultegra 6700 53/39 and 11/28. Hand built White Industries Rear hub on Velocity Aerohead. Conti GP4000 25mm tires with black SKS Race blades zip tied. Selle Italia Max Flite Gel Flow saddle on a Thomson Masterpiece seat post.

Lights:  Black Anodized Son20r generator hub with Black Anodized eDelux on velo orange skewer mount. Blinding CatEye 610 and Plant Bike Super blinky taillight. Princeton TEC EOS helmet light.

Hobbies: Guitar, books, acting French, chess, cheese, beef, and fresh fruit.

Keith, Peter, Bob:

We are a bunch of big guys!!!!!  I'm 6' and I'm a little guy in the group picture.  It was a pleasure spending a whole day with you on a nice ride through Northern California.  Hope I didn't slow you down so much that it impacted your enjoyment.  My next ride is the Davis 400k on the 17th.  Those of you who are doing it, see you then.
Here are some photos of the team and our bikes.  





















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