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Rob Hawks

May 25, 2022, 10:09:16 AMMay 25
to SF Randonneurs, San Francisco Randonneurs Announcements, Hamid Akbarian
Hamid is the organizer of the event where we lost Metin Uz. He and I spoke yesterday on the phone. He has asked me to send this to our members.



Dear Rando friends in SFR and around the world,
I know that we all are in shock and disbelief for what happened to one of the beloved riders in our Rando community.

I will be honest that my wife (Shab) and I are still in some sort of denial and perhaps, it will take a long time to process this.

Like many of you, we had a pleasure to get to know Metin a few years ago when he came here and rode with us in Northern Virginia Randonneurs.

From the moment we met him, we saw how gentle, kind and a great human being he was.

As the RBA and ride organizer, this was the hardest thing that we had to endure but we had 45 riders on the road that needed our full attention and care. We had a responsibility to make sure that they are safe and focus on their ride.

As far as I know, none of the Treasure Cove riders witnessed the actual accident.

There are so many speculations and assumptions but none of them give us the real answer and/or they bring back our beloved Metin.

I personally encourage everyone to continue to share your stories, photos and memories of Metin on or off the bike.

His family will be extremely happy to see & hear them.

Metin's family told me that in the near future, they will have a memorial for Metin and they will communicate this with me, Rob and/or RUSA.

Meantime, if you wish to contact me, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at in...@cyclingforever.com or 561-843-3770.

Keep Riding & Keep Smiling,
Hamid Akbarian
Northern VA RBA
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