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Welcome to the official group of the San Francisco Randonneurs (SFR) cycling club, serving as a network, forum, and information hub to encourage and faciliate bicycle cyclo-touring and randonneuring activities in and around San Francisco, California!

This list is for discussions of routes, equipment, weather, rides, etc. -- to further the enjoyment of randonneuring, facilitate our own interpersonal connections as members of SFR and/or RUSA, and to encourage others to join us on our rides.  SFR is a volunteer-based club – the people who contribute to the smooth running of the club, maintain the club calendar, ensure route accuracy, coordinate the staffed controls for our rides, and administer the email list and website all do so on a volunteer basis.  The SFR mailing list is open to anyone with an interest in cycling. You need not be an SFR or RUSA member to subscribe.

Group Rules:

1. Participants are expected to be civil and respectful towards each other, SFR volunteers, RUSA officials, and anyone else participating in our branch of randonneuring. 

2. Inflammatory/disparaging personal remarks, off-topic posts, and unsolicited commercial email (spam) will not be tolerated and should not be posted to the group.  

3. While we encourage private sales between active members (e.g. those who participate in group rides and events), do not join and post to this group with the sole purpose of selling something (or for fundraising).  If your first post is a for-sale or fundraising post, you will be removed from this group immediately.

4. Promoting ridership in club events -- which fosters community and relationship-building -- is a core principle of randonneuring. The regional randonneuring clubs go to great lengths to avoid running conflicting events in order to be inclusive of both ridership and respect for the volunteers who put a lot of time and energy into hosting brevets. In order to avoid conflict when announcing a non-SFR group ride, it is good etiquette to first check the calendar and then to include "please reply off list" in your message.

5. To help build randonneuring community, please be sure to sign your posts with your real name.  If you are uncomfortable posting your full name, you may use first name and last initial.

6. At the discretion of the group administrators, non-compliance with these rules may result in either a private warning or immediate removal/banning from the group.