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Dec 3, 2013, 4:19:46 AM12/3/13
Saksalaiset havaitsivat 16 neli�metrin kaasukammion liian pieneksi, joten
rakensivat lis�� leirej� joihin 16 neli�metrin kammioita
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The craziest aspect of the officially sanctioned version of events,
however, is its explanation for the genesis of the alleged gas chambers
at the Aktion Reinhardt camps. To illustrate this point, I can do no better
than quote what Carlo Mattogno wrote on the subject in Sobib�r:

"The Encyclopedia of the Holocaust wants to make us believe that the
SS had to envisage 'the killing of the 2,284,000 Jews then living in the
districts of the General Government' as part of Aktion Reinhardt. To realize
this objective, the SS planners are said to have built a single
camp - Belzec - with a gassing installation absolutely ridiculous in
view of its task: three gas chambers having a total of 96 square meters.
At Sobib�r, which was built to overcome the deficiencies of Belzec, the
SS likewise set up three gas chambers, but they were even smaller, 36
square meters altogether, or, if we follow the sentence of the Sobib�r trial
at Hagen, three chambers each 4 by 4 meters, or 48 square meters altogether!

Only slowly and painfully the SS is said to have realized that 'the gas
chambers turned out to be too small, the 'output' of the Sobib�r camp was
too low,' and hence they ostensibly decided to build another three chambers
of the same size, 4 by 4 meters, to reach a total of 96 square meters.
At Treblinka, the last of the claimed eastern extermination camps to be
set up and said to have been built on the experience gained at Belzec and
Sobib�r, the same mistake was made again: once again three small gas
chambers are claimed, 4 by 4 meters = 16 square meters each, with altogether
48 square meters, exactly like those at Sobib�r, which had turned
out to be too small!
And, as at Belzec, the first gas chambers were replaced
by 'six or ten' (!) new chambers, 8 by 4 meters each. Furthermore, to make
things even more absurd, the old gas chambers at Belzec were torn down
instead of being left intact or repaired in order to ensure a higher
Hence SS-Obersturmf�hrer Richard Thomalla who is said to have built
all three alleged extermination camps of Aktion Reinhardt, one after
would have been a perfect fool, if one were to follow mainstream Holo
caust historiography, and even more so Wirth and Globocnik, who had ordered
him to do the work. Actually, it is mainstream Holocaust history
which is wearing the fool's cap." (pp. 260-262)

Indeed! Had the National Socialists really tried to implement their
alleged genocidal objectives in the way summarized by Mattogno, they
would have been the biggest cretins since the extinction of the Neanderthal
man. But then they would of course have lost the war on the very
first day.
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Viljanen, onkos nuo NELJ� metri� kertaa NELJ� metri�, siis 16 neli�metri�,
kopperot niit� sinun mainitsemiasi suuria saleja...!? Meill�p�in tuollaisia
sanotaan eteisiksi tai tuulikaapeiksi tai kylpp�reiksi tai komeroiksi tms,
eih�n tuollaiseen tilaan mahdu edes isoa japsiautoa, puhumattakaan jostain
esim. 573 cm pituisesta amerikkalaisesta full sizest�... ja vaikka
juutalaiset onkin pienempi� kuin autot, niin ei niit�k��n kovin paljon ole
voinut tuollaiseen 4x4 komeroon mahtua, puhumattakaan jos niiden tapettujen
m��r� olikin per�ti 20 miljoonaa, kuten se holocaustin huipputodistaja

Oh, Satan, you ol' devil you, God can flatten you like a Sunday morning

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