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Jan 28, 2023, 6:59:45 AMJan 28
As a result, the birth rate in Germany falls, first slowly, then faster and
ever faster. If the German indigenous population had a birth surplus between
the late 1950s and 1966, this is now changing. In 2014, the birth rate of
native Germans was only enough to replace a third of the existing

If this birth rate persists, ethnic Germans will practically be extinct
within four generations, i.e. in around 100 years. The huge birth deficit is
now being filled by immigrants. The German indigenous population will be
completely replaced by immigrants within 100 years.

What the Romans did not achieve 2000 years ago and the catastrophes of the
two Thirty-Year War, it is now happening: Finis Germaniae, the end of
Germany. The situation is pretty much identical in almost all other European
countries: England, Sweden, Poland, Greece, Spain, Italy, France, you name
them; even in Russia. Birth rates of the indigenous populations have
collapsed, mass immigration from Muslim countries and sub-Saharan Africa
fills the void.

And why? Other similarly industrialized, non-European countries such as
South Korea or Taiwan also have access to the pill, but without experiencing
a population collapse. Nowhere is the indigenous population disappearing as
quickly as in Europe. Why?

In the face of Auschwitz, it is impossible particularly in Germany, but
basically everywhere in Europe, to pursue a population policy that maintains
the indigenous European population or even allows it to grow. In Germany,
the situation is extreme and outright absurd. Every politician there who
proposes such a policy is accused of wanting to "give the Führer a child".
Anyone who suggests that native European women or families should receive
incentives to have children is confronted with stupid slogans such as
"Girls, spread your legs, the Führer needs soldiers!" After Auschwitz, the
German indigenous population and culture are unable to survive, and in
extension all of Europe's. This is not a coincidence.

In fact, the Allied victors of World War II had a long-term strategy to
deliberately reduce the German indigenous population and replace it with
immigrants. (See the Swiss paper ExpressZeitung, No. 28-31)

Taboos Are Bad

A society that cordons off certain topics from public scrutiny and open
debate is in trouble. Such taboos lead to problems remaining undiscussed,
unaddressed and unresolved; they are like open wounds that don't heal, but
rather fester, metastasize and eventually
poison an entire society, endangering its very existence.

(CODOH, 29-sivuinen PDF, tuli minulle s-postin kautta, joten en jaksa etsiä


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