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gaston gutierrez

May 21, 2021, 12:52:55 PM5/21/21
to sFlow-RT
Hi Peter,

For Flowspec routes, there's a way of listing all current advertisements (bgpFlows(router)). Is there a similar way of listing regular IPv4/6 routes (RTBH)? As far as I can tell from the docs we can check specific prefixes, not the whole list.


Peter Phaal

May 21, 2021, 5:03:42 PM5/21/21
to sFlow-RT
Thanks for raising the issue. I just pushed version 3.0-1594 that adds the missing functionality.

The REST API call, /bgp/routepusher/{router}/json, returns a list of prefixes.

In the JavaScript API, bgpRoutes(router), performs the same function. There is also a new JavaScript function, bgpGetRoute(router,prefix), to query the route options for the prefix.

FYI The  ddos-protect application ( keeps track of the BGP Flowspec rules / RTBH routes that it adds and removes in a JavaScript object, along with other metadata about the traffic condition triggering the control.
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