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Carol Brouillet

Nov 11, 2023, 5:53:59 PM11/11/23
Dear friends,

the father of my children is facing life in prison for crimes that he did not commit.

I sent out an email asking for help to over 2000 people and only one local  and one non-local person responded offering help.

I need help distributing fliers in San Francisco from 7 am till about 9 am Monday through Friday next week. 

You don't need to send money. (Although it you can send some $ it would help me hire people to distribute fliers, my paypal address is - please, send to "friends and family" to avoid paypal fees).

If you can't help with fliers, please, go to: 

watch and like my videos, post comments on Youtube and on the blog. It helps me get  more views later.

Another way to help is to spread the word. Post my blog on you social media, discussion forums and forward this message to friends.

I am attaching my old message below.

I appreciate any help you can offer. This is an emergency situation and your love and compassion would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance!

with love,


Dear friends,

this is Gypsy Taub, an OG (original gangster) of the 911 truth movement.

Although I have been focusing on other than 911 issues lately, I have been fighting government lies all these years.

I really need your help! The father of my children David dePape is facing life in prison and most likely continuous torture and a mysterious death in prison if we don't help him now. 

David is on trial right now for crimes he did not commit. None of the so-called evidence against him adds up and nothing makes sense. This is another version of 911 with very similar deception and propaganda tactics.

David is accused of hitting Paul Pelosi in the head with a hammer. My sons and I were at his trial yesterday. It was revealed by David's defense team that multiple police reports indicated that Paul Pelosi got back up after getting hit in the head with a hammer literally 3 minutes later and walked to the ambulance and was answering questions and making coherent statements to the police. This is just one of countless suspicious facts about David's case.

I created a TV series called Paul Pelosi Cover Up and started airing it in San Francisco and Berkeley. You can find it here:

I urgently need your help to help David and to help my children not lose their father in such a painful way. We can make a big difference in the next few days.

Please contact me if you are able and willing to help us!

Please forward this message to your friends!

With love and gratitude,

Gypsy Taub and her children

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