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Brian Good

Jun 19, 2007, 1:44:09 AM6/19/07
By the time I got to these, I could no longer read my
handwriting, so beware. I'll collect corrections and issue
a final.

1. Bill presented some documents from the Moussaoui trial,
financial records from the last three weeks of the alleged
hijackers' careers. He said these were cautionary,
indicating the desirability of covering your financial tracks.

2. Carol needs a driver for Peter Dale Scott 6-21 and 6-23.
Scott Page to call Carol to discuss.

3. The Vancouver Conference, 6-22 to 6-24, needs signups
to solve cash flow problems. John Wright, Ken, and Cosmos
intend to go. $500 voted to pay for John and Cosmos's
expenses; $100 each to Ken and hummux.

4. Newsletter: An August release was proposed in connection
with the projected Grand Lake screening of "Severe Visibility"
for a week, and to promote other 9/11 events in September.

Chris proposed the following template:

Member articles
upcoming events
current projects
group discussion topics
recommended reading/viewing
mission statement

John Wright spoke of upcoming Griffin events in that time frame.
Carol mentioned the 40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love
event the first weekend in September (Ken, Carol, and Brian
interested in tabling) and the Michael Franti Power to the
Peaceful concert on 9/8.

5. John Perulis's "Truth Burn" at Burning Man

He's raising $60,000 for an experimental thermate burn.

Chuck suggested preceding the thermate burn with a
fire to show that the steel doesn't melt.

Carol said John writes for Indymedia, and can help get
us good placement there.

A motion was passed to allow the Nor Cal 9/11 Truth Alliance
to function as a 501(c)3 conduit for donations to this project.

6. "Severe Visibility"

Carol interviewed the producer, Paul Cross, on her radio show
May 22

In August the film will be at the Grand Lake in a week-long
premiere. In the movie, a witness is asked to testify before
the military and the FBI about what he saw during the
Pentagon attack. There is some question as to whether
the witness is delusional. The movie ends with the witness
held in military prison and killed. It seems to espouse the
decoy-plane-overflying-the-Pentagon theory put forth by
Pilots for 9/11 Truth.

Paul Cross's film before this one was "Follow the Leader," a
film about the presidency. Carol noted that Cross had
spoken at a Republican fundraiser in 2004.

Bill said that in the Paul Cross interviews and website he'd
seen nothing objectionable. He questioned how useful the
film is.

Carol said that the journalist talks about false flag operations.

(I think--bad handwriting here) Jeremy said he was wary
about promoting a film promoting Pentagon theories. He
said that in the film Casino Royale, M mentions the put
options, and that he'd used the film as a flyering

Ken and Bill said they thought the Pentagon issue was a
red herring.

Carol said that fiction films reach people who won't go to

Bill suggested a showing of the DVD for the group, and
Ken suggested we arrange to attend when Allen does a
test screening at the Grand Lake.

7. Sunday, Humanist Hall, Bowman

$100 voted to Cosmos for rental of the hall. Scott
offered to table.

8. June 11 demonstration

Cosmos said that on 5/11, Manny Ramos from CBS
came down and interviewed him and Mike, seemed
interested in WTC7, and said the interview would be
aired on the news that night. They did not run the
interview that night, but they did run a spot on
popular names for baby boys and one on a computer
games conference. Later, Cosmos called Manny,
who said he needed to talk to an engineer. Cosmos
offered to set him up with AE911Truth, but nothing
came of it.

The action was set for 855 Battery at 11:00 a.m.
Carol offered a sound system, there was a call for
video camera operators

9. Giuliani Video

Scott said the recent video about Giuliani had gotten
600 diggs.

Cosmos said the "We Are Change" group had gone to
New Hampshire to the candidates' debates. A week
before, they'd confronted Giuliani people about his
statements to Peter Jennings that he was told the
towers would collapse. One group member was
arrested. He had a CNN press pass, and his camera
was smashed.

10. Postcards

$200 was voted for Carol to pay for postcards already sent.

11. "Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs)"

Jeremy said his book is being released with an initial run
of 3000 copies.

The book is a 64-page comic-format primer on the neocon

Jeremy asked where he might give one-hour talks and slide shows.

Carol suggested Kepler's, Black Oak, Modern Times, and proposed to
put the title on the new Deception Dollar. She said she was disappointed
when Interlink failed to properly follow through when she promoted
"9/11 and American Empire" on the most recent Deception Dollar.

Jeremy asked that people write reviews at Amazon.

Ken mentioned that the DVD "911: The Myth and the Reality"
is on Amazon and needs reviews.

The slogan "The Answer to 1984 is 1776" was mentioned.

12. San Francisco Meetings

Aaron said there are weekly meetings to talk about 9/11
Truth and the Ron Paul campaign. Ron Paul has supported
reinvestigation and believes there has been a coverup.

13. A 7/7 action is planned for the Golden Gate bridge.

14. Tabling at the Flea Market

Jeremy and Bill have committed; the last week of the month
is the time to sign up for the next month. 7/7 is the first

15. Radio substitute hosts

Berkeley Liberation Radio 104.1 needs a substitute host for
Sat. from 6-8 p.m.

Ken offered to do Carol's program on We the People Radio
Network 6/23 and 7/2.

16. June 13 impeachment rally in Palo Alto

Bernie offered to shoot video.

Robert Bowman, Richard Gage, Dennis Bernstein, Janette
MacKinlay, and Cosmos to receive awards.

It was decided to add Aaron Dames to the award roster. An
extra $400 was allocated: $100 to Aaron, $100 for lunch for
awardees, and $200 for a special "Citizens for Truth" award
to Dennis Bernstein.

17. 2008 Candidates

(my handwriting is illegible) Carol said she heard a rumor that
Anna Eshoo was planning to retire.

18. Supervisors Meetings

Aaron attends Supervisors meetings every Tuesday and passes
out DVDs. There was discussion of attending Pelosi Town Hall
meetings. Cosmos said a number of people are prepared to
participate in Truth Squad actions.

Candidate appearances can be found on DNC and RNC web pages.

19. Pentagon

Chuck discussed a Barbara Honegger article in the book she
wrote with Jim Marrs The Terror Conspiracy: Deception, 9/11
and the Loss of Liberty

He said the Pilots for 9/11 Truth have concluded from the NTSB
flight data that at the time of "impact," 9:37, the altitude is
several hundred feet above ground level. Barbara Honegger says
the Pentagon clocks stopped at 9:32. An Air America program
suggested that a USAF jet sent to do a visual inspection may
have performed the 270 degree diving turn attributed to Hani
Hanjour in the 757.

Ken said the best Pentagon website is

Bill said that Ms. Honegger sometimes leaps to unjustified

Carol said that a Honegger article about the wargames supposed
that the terrorist hijackers piggybacked on the war games.

Scott said that in Chandler, Ms. Honegger had said a woman
killed by the D.C. sniper was high up in the counterterrorist

Bill said that was Linda Franklin, a 20-year FBI veteran.

20. AE911Truth

Scott reported that they have verified the credentials of 50
members, and have given a presentation in the AIA office.
He has been working on the blueprints, which are somewhat
distorted. He notes that the elevator shaft is 9'-11" on one
side on the first floor. The elevator shaft is where it happened.

John Wright said that as soon as the ae911truth site opened,
Mark Roberts et. al pounced.

21. Dr. Griffin's Northwest Tour

Ken said 500 attended in Seattle (video out soon)
700 in Portland
1000 in Vancouver

John said there were three groups with major conflicts and by
comparison, our group is doing pretty well.

Bill noted that the Ashland appearance got good coverage in
the local press, with pictures.

22. Bernie requests new pictures to work from. He's looking for
high quality high-res pictures. Chuck said he would look for the
high res picture of the picture Richard Gage uses on his card.

23. Bill said something about Sgt. Donald Buswell. He talked about
a NYT article about a New Jersey man who sold fake IDs to the
alleged hijackers. Some of the fake IDs were in the actual name
of the alleged hijacker.


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