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Carol Brouillet

Nov 16, 2023, 7:25:40 PM11/16/23
Hi all,
    I will not be at tonight's meeting and am re-submitting my list of questions for tonight's agenda – see the end of this email – with additions and comments here in blue.
    Please figure out how to accept "pass-the-hat" donations from those attending Zoom meetings.
    Most of the email discussion is about "current events" – now
    Now is not too soon to being discussing and setting up the post-Ken-and-Carol film festival management, parameters, budget, production timeline, etc.
All the best,

• Film festivals often send out calls for submissions from filmmakers likely to produce content appropriate to the theme(s) of the festival. Now is not too soon to reach out to prospective filmmakers and to begin making a list of possible video content.
• Who would we like to have speak at our twentieth annual, 2024 festival? Kevin Ryan, James Corbett, Jimmy Dore [], others? Now is not too soon to begin compiling a list!
• Now is not too soon to contact possible festival speakers. There are at least three ways speakers can participate: live at the festival, via remote live feed, and by a pre-recorded presentation. Are there other ways?
• Jimmy Dore – who has 1.26 million YouTube subscribers! – put out the following video on Tuesday, November 14th, 2023, in which he said at 3:45 that WTC 7 was blown up:
“Mossad Could Stage False Flag Attack On U.S.” – Said U.S. Army One Day Before 9-11!
    "101,654 views: "Shocking as it may seem, on September 10, 2001 the United States Army issued a report alleging that the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, was capable of launching a terrorist attack against the United States and then trying to pin the attack on Arab perpetrators. The report has mostly been lost to history, but in light of the actions of October 7 take on a newly pertinent significance."
• How many of Jimmy Dore's subscribers and members might pay to watch our on-line stream and archives of his presentation at our next film festival? How many might attend in person? Just think of how many people we could reach! At the end of all his videos he tells his viewers where he'll be performing – if he speaks at the festival we get this publicity! The vast majority of his videos get 50,000 to 150,000 views!! He might very well put our poster on his website!
• September 11th, 2024 is a Wednesday. Now is not too soon to ask Allen Michaan to pencil us onto the Grand Lake calendar for this date. Who will do this?

On 2.11.23 8:45, Kurt Abrams wrote:
Hi all,
    I will not be at this evening's meeting. I re-submit the agenda items (questions) I proposed for the last meeting – see below – with additions, deletions, and comments in red.
Please have a productive and respectful meeting,

On 19.10.23 8:18, Kurt Abrams wrote:
Hi all,
    Unfortunately, I will not be at this evening's Zoom meeting. Please read and put
 on the agenda the following items, and Mac, please include summaries of the discussions in your meeting notes. I understand that these are complex topics and issues which may require ongoing discussions over several meetings over several months – any journey begins with a first step ... . I remind you all that group governance is the the responsibility of the group, and can be done openly, consciously, and thoughtfully, or be neglected ... .
• Who will manage the film festival in place of Ken and Carol – an individual or a committee? Both Carol and Ken, for several years now, have said that they no longer want to manage the film festival.
• How will this individual or committee be accountable to the larger group?
• Ken, what do you propose your future role as advisor to the film festival to be?
• Is Ken's extensive editing of film festival content necessary? I have noticed, as a rule, that film festivals screen their films without edits. In this regard our festivals seem to be outliers.
• What help running the film festival does the group want from Ken and Carol?
 Ken and Carol, please help the group transition from your management of the film festivals. Carol and Ken, will you fully assist the new festival management? How?
• How about using meeting time to screen and discuss potential film festival content?
• When can the group begin putting together an annual budget
Budgets exist as guidelines for fundraising and expenditures, regardless of the bank balance at any time. Budgets are standard tools for planning and managing annual operations and individual projects.
• When will we begin archiving our film festival and other content, digital and otherwise? Richard Troy, how can you help us with that? Marilyn, how can you and the 
International Center for 9/11 Justice help with this?
• How can those attending Zoom meetings make their pass-the-hat donations? By PayPal
, via the platform the group used to pay Val for her artistic work, by Zelle, by check, by cash at the next in-person meeting, ... ?
• Since there are two meeting streams, how can we have a fair decision-making process which takes into account everyone's opinions and concerns, and avoids decisions being changed from live to Zoom meetings, as happened this summer?
• Should we make decisions by consensus and/or by voting?
• Mac, is there a reason that you don't spell out the last names of our Richards Tamm and Troy in your meeting notes? What do the Richards think about this?
• How can the group better address interpersonal issues within the group?
• Is the dissemination of the material we present in our film/speaker festivals to as many people as possible a goal of this group? If so, how could we better accomplish this?
• Should we have film festival content available to viewers around the world unable to attend our in-theatre festival? How could we take donations from online film festival attendees from around the world?

Please feel free to let me know what you think about what I have written. Thank you all for considering these items. Please be kind to and respectful of each other – we are allies in our quest for truth.

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