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Carol Brouillet

Nov 21, 2023, 1:25:55 AM11/21/23
  Subject: NOTES. 11/16

Approx 14 attendees via ZOOM. 

Carol hosted. Unfortunately she was ill…as her whole family was…but she rallied anyhow to host this group of most grateful conspiracy theorists. 

There were still 15 outstanding agenda items from previous meeting….presented by Kurt.  For this meeting he sent another 6. 

Agenda creation was paused as Facilitator (me) tried to address our pre-determined night’s issues. Once again folks were reluctant to take up this list of items ( except for one ). 

We began a discussion on basic concepts about Kurt’s agenda list. Since many of them seemed to continue the interpersonal conflict he has been participating in with Ken (not at meeting) for the months prior to the Festival, most attendees seemed uninterested in opening this topic. Some left. 

As facilitator I pointed out that many of the items required more clarity from Carol & Ken about their future involvement, these should be tabled for now until that clarity is known.  

Also, there seemed to be no obvious reason the items needed to be addressed now, we were discussing how to and when to engage these items. At this point Kurt entered meeting  
late and requested to speak. He suggested we spend the first hour on his items and remainder of meeting on anything else. I began to explain what was being discussed and he immediately left meeting. 

So announcements proceeded. 

Richard Ta related some issues with the bridge banner protests.  

Also, same Richard and myself attended the Berkeley Peace & Justice revisit of the Fukushima dumping or rad-waste into ocean…of note water has not been filtered of the more radioactive isotopes…media has been lying….and significant amounts of tritium remain. There were presentations from about 6 international experts on effects of radiation in the environment. Though  informative…it was still not clear there are any alternatives to the continued dumping of this endless rad-waste into ocean. 

Marilyn will be facilitating an event with Daniel Ganser on Dec 3,  known for his work with secret armies in the UN. Sorry…do not have details on place time. Carol or Marilyn should know. 

Group resumed discussion of Kurt’s items. A motion was made to post pone until a future meeting and was passed. The Jan 4 pot-luck/planning meeting at BFUU seemed most appropriate. 

At this point discussions on various issues and sharing of information continued  past the meeting end time. 

I am including Kurt’s items with responses by me that I do not expect anyone to agree with…..but at least it is an attempt to address his issues. 

• Who will manage the film festival in place of Ken and Carol – an individual or a committee? Both Carol and Ken, for several years now, have said that they no longer want to manage the film festival.
 There is no evidence that the premise of this item is accurate. 
• How will this individual or committee be accountable to the larger group?
      Same as previous item. 

• Ken, what do you propose your future role as advisor to the film festival to be?
       From last meeting, we are hoping for some clarification of roles of both Carol & Ken at the Jan 4 pot-luck planning meeting. 

• Is Ken's extensive editing of film festival content necessary? I have noticed, as a rule, that film festivals screen their films without edits. In this regard our festivals seem to be outliers.
        This item requires a discussion and clarification about Ken’s future involvement and a discussion in Group about potential changes…as an event without editing.

      • What help running the film festival does the group want from Ken and Carol
        This is based on assumption Ken and Carol are changing or ending their roles in running the event. Until we know that this discussion doesn’t seem necessary at present time. 
 Ken and Carol, please help the group transition from your management of the film festivals. Carol and Ken, will you fully assist the new festival management? How?
      See last answer. 

• How about using meeting time to screen and discuss potential film festival content?
        Traditionally the Group received links….viewed and commented and voted on material being considered for event associated with Group. Though there were disconnects this              year,   hopefully the previous tradition will continue …which will add to cohesiveness of Group and improve event with multiple inputs.    

• When can the group begin putting together an annual budgetBudgets exist as guidelines for fundraising and expenditures, regardless of the bank balance at any time. Budgets are standard tools for planning and managing annual operations and individual projects.
      This is an important subject. Since we have no money the subject of raising funds should happen so we can discuss a budget and what to do with it. 

• When will we begin archiving our film festival and other content, digital and otherwise? Richard Troy, how can you help us with that? Marilyn, how can you and the International Center for 9/11 Justice help with this?
      A worthy subject. It seems on the loss of Alan R.’s NoLiesRadio  archives we may have no past archive events at moment….or an ability to do so.  

• How can those attending Zoom meetings make their pass-the-hat donations? By PayPal, via the platform the group used to pay Val for her             artistic work, by Zelle, by check, by cash at the next in-person meeting, … ?
      This subject is snagged……suggestions to involve e-donations seem to require a connection to non-profit account….something that seems unlikely because of probable  unwillingness of those with these accounts to risk this extension of the relationship for so little money involved. We could drop Zoom meets which will cost us an additional  $43 rent…but probably still generate some minimal income by dues/donations. This detail should be added to the long nebulous discussions about meeting format.
• Since there are two meeting streams, how can we have a fair decision-making process which takes into account everyone's opinions and concerns, and avoids decisions being changed from live to Zoom meetings, as happened this summer?
     This is complicated, since we don’t have a connection to Zoomers during the live meeting…and we don’t have a way to include those who can’t or won’t attend during Zoom  meets. We have to have some kind of a decision making process, and the one we have at present ….being at the meeting to vote…is imperfect …but it’s what we have at  moment. 
• Should we make decisions by consensus and/or by voting?
     This has been discussed before. Consensus has its merits….but is vulnerable to a wing-nut block. 
• Mac, is there a reason that you don't spell out the last names of our Richards Tamm and Troy in your meeting notes? What do the Richards think about this?
       Neither seemed to give a fuck. 
• How can the group better address interpersonal issues within the group?
      Normally members demonstrate courtesy and respect for each other…which usually avoids this problem. Mediation is an accepted concept of conflict resolution. Group has a  history of expelling members deemed unable to work within Group process without excessive personal drama. 
• Is the dissemination of the material we present in our film/speaker festivals to as many people as possible a goal of this group? If so, how could we better accomplish this?
      Good question. Since we mostly portray other folks work, only recorded presentations by speakers are ours to share? Discussion needed. 
• Should we have film festival content available to viewers around the world unable to attend our in-theatre festival?
      See previous answer. At moment we have no concept of recording event and sharing. 
How could we take donations from online film festival attendees from around the world?
      Could be part of discussion relating to last 2 items. 

Please feel free to let me know what you think about what I have written. Thank you all for considering these items. Please be kind to and respectful of each other – we are allies in our quest for truth.
      These items were assembled by Kurt. We have had 3 meetings where Group was unable and/or unwilling to take these  up. Though folks generally have a positive reaction of        this year’s Film Festival ….there seems to be a general unwillingness at this time to re-enter the drama Zone of the interpersonal conflict between Kurt & Ken. Hopefully  this will reach  some resolution before the Jan 4 pot-luck planning meeting. 

Some additional items from Kurt: 

• Film festivals often send out calls for submissions from filmmakers likely to produce content appropriate to the theme(s) of the festival. Now is not too soon to reach out to prospective filmmakers and to begin making a list of possible video content.
 Yes…. now is not too soon. Anyone should feel welcome to share a potential film idea for a future event.

• Who would we like to have speak at our twentieth annual, 2024 festival? Kevin Ryan, James Corbett, Jimmy Dore [], others? Now is not too soon to begin compiling a list!
Yes …compiling a list of potential speakers is a good idea. Since we have no money and are unable to help with travel/housing/expenses…this probably will limit our ability to attract speakers. Also….if Ken continues to be technical director we would need to know if he is willing to include speakers in future event format. 

• Now is not too soon to contact possible festival speakers. There are at least three ways speakers can participate: live at the festival, via remote live feed, and by a pre-recorded presentation. Are there other ways? Yes not too soon……but complicated by previous answer.

• Jimmy Dore – who has 1.26 million YouTube subscribers! – put out the following video on Tuesday, November 14th, 2023, in which he said at 3:45 that WTC 7 was blown up:
“Mossad Could Stage False Flag Attack On U.S.” – Said U.S. Army One Day Before 9-11!
    "101,654 views: "Shocking as it may seem, on September 10, 2001 the United States Army issued a report alleging that the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, was capable of launching a terrorist attack against the United States and then trying to pin the attack on Arab perpetrators. The report has mostly been lost to history, but in light of the actions of October 7 take on a newly pertinent significance.
This would probably be of interest to folks in group and they should view to assess possible future inclusion in FF.

• How many of Jimmy Dore's subscribers and members might pay to watch our on-line stream and archives of his presentation at our next film festival? How many might attend in person? Just think of how many people we could reach! At the end of all his videos he tells his viewers where he'll be performing – if he speaks at the festival we get this publicity! The vast majority of his videos get 50,000 to 150,000 views!! He might very well put our poster on his website!
 At moment we have no live stream concept, with Alan’s passing. It would be great if we could tap into his popularity to promote the cause. 

• September 11th, 2024 is a Wednesday. Now is not too soon to ask Allen Michaan to pencil us onto the Grand Lake calendar for this date. Who will do this?
 Unless we learn other-wise….it is presumed Ken will continue to be contact with AM….theatre owner. 
Since he has interfaced with him all these years it is probably advisable to let him continue the method/timing of locking in date…It is advisable that others not contact owner as a representative of Group without consent. 

Links from Carol:

Carol Brouillet (Nov 16, 2023, 8:58 PM)
Ellen Brown's excellent summary is posted here-

 I have listened to the author, David Rogers Webb, in a few interviews. He is very knowledgable, but not the best speaker. To actually understand what he has learned clearly, I think Parallel Mike does a better job of breaking down what has happened in detail and in context. He started a series on the topic and here are links to-

 Great Taking Series #1: How They Stole Your Property Rights

Great Taking Series #2: Who Really Owns Your Securities?

Great Taking Series #3: The Men Behind The Curtain Plus Q&A (Livestream)

Regrets for errors, assumptions & blunders……..Mac

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