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Juan A. Pérez Bermejo

Nov 10, 2021, 4:40:58 PMNov 10
to SF2G
Hi all. 

Long time SF resident, just started a job at a biotech in Oyster Point. Determined to commute by bike, either straight or with caltrain+bike. My timings will be awkward to join the organized routes on a regular basis.

So, quick q's:

+**Are the bayway strava maps still current? where do I find one with the BEX?**
+Is this doable without a group? i am an experienced bike commuter (in-city) and thinking of using a commuter's e-bike for this.
+Any noteworthy items/safety recommendations beyond everything on the SF2G website?



Nov 12, 2021, 9:10:49 PMNov 12
to SF2G
If you're going to Oyster Point, they are basically current.  I haven't ridden Bayway or BEX in a while, but from what I've seen, it's more or less the same as it was.  Might be some variation right as you get to Oyster Pt Blvd, but nothing that would be difficult to work your way through.  

BEX skips Cortland and uses the Potrero -> Bayshore ramp shared with the 101 exit.  This is the key bit:  You come over a rise into the middle lane of Bayshore and need to merge over to the right with 30mph traffic.  Not for beginners, but was rarely crowded in the morning and reasonably predictable.

I used ride down to Foster City solo quite frequently, so I'd say solo to Oyster Point is doable.  Not sure what sort of e-bike you're using, but I think that would be a great everyday both way manual commute.

Lights!  There are no street lights along the lagoon, so having headlights made for seeing are important.  Blinky lights help you be seen, but you'll need something more like: to see the road and obstacles.  You don't necessarily need 1000 lumens, but I'd suggest 500 at least for the ride home.

Hope this helps.  Happy riding!  

Jeffrey Tong

Nov 15, 2021, 10:54:53 AMNov 15
to, SF2G
Critical Pathway is El Camino Real between San Bruno Ave and Millbrae Ave (2.7 miles). Requires a JOINT RESOLUTION by San Bruno and Millbrae City Council.

(At Millbrae Bart/Caltrain Station, the designated bike route detours to California Drive.)

Jeffrey Tong, co-founder
Community Wildlife Habitat

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