OT: advice/thoughts on 16 inch wheel build

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Dan Yang (Millbrae lurker)

Sep 13, 2021, 1:30:16 PMSep 13
to SF2G
I would like some advice on feasibility/cost of wheel build.  My 4 YO rides a bike with 16 inch wheels.  It is single speed.  I found a 14 inch wheel with a 2 speed automatic hub.  There is a 16 inch 2 speed automatic with the same hub but out of stock with availability unknown.  My kid is both spinning out on the flat and having difficulty on the climb, so I am tempted to try to give him more range with the 2 speed.  The trouble is the 2 speed 16 inch wheel is simply unavailable.

So my scheme is to get the 14 inch 2 speed automatic wheel, swap the hub between the 14 and 16 inch, may require new spokes.  The 2 speed hub is 32H with every other hole laced.

Question is if this is completely crazy and what might be the cost to have a shop do something like this?

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