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Jul 7, 2009, 7:39:26 AM7/7/09

Does anybody have any experience with any of these?  Would love to see how well they work...

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Amar Pai

Jul 7, 2009, 9:02:28 AM7/7/09
Wow that's a lotta apps.  I wonder how many are good!

Some other folks on this list are looking at making an iPhone client using framework that's generic enough to accommodate Android as well.  Not sure how that works but we will see :)

I've been pretty focused on the backend of late... fixed quite a few bugs, especially related to slope/incline calculation.  (Turns out elevation data wasn't the issue; rather it was a bug in the code that reduces the full set of path points to minimal points for plotting/directions.)  In the process I updated to work as a command line tool. Much easier to debug locally.

Contemplating writing a script that generates shapefiles from the bike graph etc... basically the opposite of the data generation process from GIS.  I'm thinking this would allow inspection of the bike graph in ArcGIS or other tool, and perhaps those with more GIS know how could assist in adding missing edges (for bike lanes that are new or whatever else.) 

On the front end, still want to convert the UI to proper CSS so it can be special cased for mobile, and adding address suggest in the text entry box. 

I would love to have a feedback form that lets people comment on the routes that get suggested... haven't gotten much bug feedback aside from the initial very useful SFBC beta.  These kinda tools depend heavily on user input, but building a scalable system for that is a big ball of yarn.

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Jul 17, 2009, 5:31:10 PM7/17/09
to sf-bike-planner
Over the wknd I obtained and tried out the following. They pretty
much all use geolocation. It seems to me like the app marketplace is
glutted with a lot of quickie apps that overlap in functionality. As
far as biking apps, most of them appear to be targeted at long
distance bicyclists (the kinda folks who keep track of miles per ride
etc). So I'm not the target market; I just like to hop on my bike and
scoot around the city looking at stuff!

1 San Francisco Exploration Guide, v0.2, Seller: Tobin Fisher (4+)
-just a list of attractions that you can sort by distance from you,
kid friendliness, etc. simple but i could see it being useful, if the
data were continually updated (otherwise not so useful over time)

2 Bike Your Drive by REI, v1.0.1, Seller: GlobalMotion Media, Inc
-just a stopwatch that calculates your calories burned as you bike...
beancounter... blah

3 Trails - GPS tracker, v2.0, Seller: Felix Lamouroux (4+) $3.99.
-i forget what this one was about, i remember it wasn't very
compelling... blah

4 EveryTrail, v2.5, Seller: GlobalMotion Media, Inc (4+)
one of the myriad apps that will track your route as you bike. this
one is pretty well done, and it lets you export your paths and save
them online (and share them via twitter). it is pretty cool to replay
your path. problem though is that it won't just keep going in the
background if you run another app -- at least, didn't seem to work for
me. you have to leave it running and you have to remember to stop it
if you pause. here's a path i tracked when i biked to the shoe repair
shop :

5 Distance Meter Pro, v1.9.2, Seller: John Stefanopoulos (4+) $2.99
-bean counter

6 Cychosis - Cycling Journal, v1.7.0, Seller: Ron Forrester (4+)
supposed got great reviews but it's just a bike-focused livejournal!
why would you pay $4.99 for this? i guess maybe hardcore bikers get
something more out of it

7 MotionX GPS, v6.0, Seller: Fullpower Technologies, Inc. (4+) $2.99
very slick full fledged gps app -- lets you set arbitrary waypoints
and track your progress on map... uses compass etc... if you could
integrate bike directions into this and if you couldl add voice
directions ('turn left'.... 'going wrong way'... etc) it would be very

8 The Bike Computer, v1.0, Seller: GlobalMotion Media, Inc
- bean-counter

9 iMapMyRide, v1.1.7, Seller: MapMyFitness
- ad-web-supported thing a mabob... i wasn't impressed


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