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Finding a person of same interest who is looking to have some fun and great time sometimes is not a tough task now. You are at the right place where you will easily be able to find a person with the same interest. With our highly efficient team support and market research, we have developed this website for the people.

As the statistics show on Quora and Reddit, there are many posts and questions about finding a Craigslist casual encounter replacement. For example, "What has replaced Craigslist personals?" These kinds of questions have generated hundreds of thousands of views in a short period of time. Many new sites have been created in the last two months to cater to the users of CL personals and Backpage. Switter was created for sex workers and Doublelist was founded as a site similar to Craigslist personals.

What happened to Craigslist Personals?

Craigslist Personals was an online community, where people were able to post ads looking for casual hook-ups.

It was hugely popular with those looking to have no-strings-attached fun, but sadly it wasn’t to last.

To the disappointment of many, in May 2018, Craigslist Personals disappeared from the UK site, following on from the US.

Craigslist Personals was removed thanks to a US bill, introduced to hold websites more accountable for the ads placed by its users.

The popularity of Craigslist Personals meant that its eventual closure impacted thousands of people.

Not only did the platform allow users to anonymously feel safe and confident to meet new people, users often felt at ease that their tastes and lifestyles were not judged by others using the service.

Is Craigslist Personals coming back? 

Unfortunately, Craigslist Personals will not be returning. 

Although its closure impacted many people, and even saw fans sign petitions to bring it back, it’s not that simple. 

Craigslist does not want to risk being held criminally or civilly  liable for users who misuse online personals unlawfully, especially as they do not have the legal resources to police user-generated content like giant platforms such as Facebook and Twitter

Free hookup sites for casual sex 

If you’re looking for a Craigslist Personals replacement, there are numerous other free sites that provide similar dating, hookup and adult services

Some of the most popular alternatives for casual encounters in 2021 include:

  • Doublelist – An online dating community for those looking for a long-term relationship or casual meet ups. The platform offers ads from gay and heterosexual people
  • ClassifiedAds – A classified ads site with casual dating services and meet-up opportunities for straight, gay and lesbian people 
  • Oodle – An online classified platform that offers Personals for people seeking casual hookups online 
  • CasualX – A hookup dating app similar to Tinder that brings people together who are looking for the same thing –  casual sex and relationships only
  • Bedpage – A site that specialises in dating ads from people all around the globe 

If you are thinking what you can use in place of Craigslist Personals in 2021, another great alternative is our very own Vivastreet.

Best alternative to Craigslist Personals hookup site

Vivastreet is a global free classified ads site, where you can find thousands of ads featuring like-minded individuals (or couples) who wish to meet up for casual hook-ups, friendships, gay dating, heterosexual dating, exclusive or open relationships.

Here’s why Vivastreet has replaced Craigslist for hooking up:

  • Free hook-up service for adult fun  
  • Simple to use for finding like-minded people 
  • Caters for varying sexual orientations, i.e., lesbian, gay, straight, and trans
  • Perfect for connecting with others who share a similar kink, i.e., swinging or other specific fetishes
How to use Vivastreet Personals

Vivastreet Personals is really simple to use – you don’t need to spend hours searching through ads, hoping to find a person and an experience that suits you.

Search bar:

All you need to do is enter a term or two in the search bar that describes something you’re interested in exploring, such as nuru massage, and browse through the search results.

"It will not be a temporary traffic increase for Casualx. Craigslist personals has a huge number of users and they need a substitute," said Michelle Li, the CEO of Casualx. "Also, according to some experts, more sites might be closed in the near future. The alternative apps like Tinder and Casualx will continue to benefit."

The original purpose of creating Casualx was to offer an alternative space for people who are seeking casual encounters. Nowadays, most people use mobile phones to access the Internet. Dating apps have become the main tool for people to find relationships. Casualx was created as a casual encounters app. To solve the spam and scammer issues CL personals was plagued with at that time, Casualx set up a system and a team to review all profiles. The system uses AI technology to study the traits of scammers and spammers and then block them from accessing the app. After the system filter, the review team manually checks each profile to ensure the profile is real.

To offer a different user experience than Craigslist, Casualx studied the favorite features of dating and hookup apps. The app uses the swiping feature similar to Tinder as one of its main features. The team also learned from Instagram and Facebook to create the "moments" feature, which allows users to share their thoughts and lifestyle photos, just like you'd seen on your timeline.

Most of my close friends are either married or in very serious relationships. Whereas, me – well, after years in a long term relationship, I’m now once again, very much single. AlthoughI love my friends to death, their days of casual dating and random hook-ups are long behind them, so there’s certain things about my love life that they just don’t “get.” For example, here are a few things that only people who have casual sex on a regular basis understand –

1. Wondering after you’ve slept with someone “Will I ever see this person again?” and legitimately not knowing the answer.

2. That sometimes you honestly don’t want to stay the night. Sleeping in questionably clean sheets with a guy you barely know < going home to snuggle under your pristine, fluffy down duvet. Wins almost every time.

3. Having a marathon sex session with someone, only to realize the next day that you don’t know their last name. Then, texting them later to find out, because getting naked with someone you only know on a first name basis is weird (or is it?)

4. INNER THIGH STIFFNESS. On Saturday/Sunday you had a marathon sex session that hot dude you just started seeing. On Monday morning you go to your regular cross-fit class…and dear lord, now your inner thighs are killing you. You’d love to talk to someone about this but are afraid that your friends will think you’re a slag and it’s not like you can call the dude, because you’re “keeping things casual.”

5. Always being unsure of what exactly “keeping it casual” means. (“Should I invite ___ to that party my friend is having? He said he liked dogs, so would it be weird if I sent him a cute photo of my dog? How much texting is too much texting?!“)

6. Always keeping condoms on hand and getting tested for STDs on a regular basis. Hey, better safe than sorry, right?

7. Trying to explain to your friends that your fuck buddy is just that – a buddy you have sex with – while trying not to roll your eyes when they ask you with a pleading look, “But don’t you want more?!” Nope, I’m fine with regular, no strings attached hot sex, thanks!

8. Truly identifying with “It’s Complicated” as a status on Facebook.

9. That as much as you love heels, doing the “Walk of Shame” in flats is just so much more dignified.

10. Walk of shame? More like “Stride of Pride.” After all, there’s no shame in your game.

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