Will Spring Ever Arrive

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Apr 14, 2008, 12:29:05 PM4/14/08
to Sew Whats New Week in Review
Hello everyone, it has been far too long since I have touched base
with everyone. Looking in the archives my last newsletter was sent out
in February, my apologies for that.

Will spring ever arrive? I ask because we have had a very long, cold
winter here on the east coast. There is still snow in the forested
areas but the days are slightly longer now with more sunnier periods.
This morning I hung out a line of clothes to dry. The day is not
particularly warm, right around the freezing point but the sky looked
clear and blue. I fed the dogs and settled down to read our daily
paper. Looking out the window what do I see, SNOW! It only lasted a
couple of minutes but it makes you wonder.

Hopefully I have a few links or sewing tidbits that will interest you.
Let me see, what is first.

There is a new book out available at Amazon. Titled Stretch
Fashion..Designing and Pattern Making for Stretch and Knit Fabrics it
sounds interesting. If you are thinking of maybe designing your own
tops or dresses for the summer this might help. Sorry, I forgot to
find out the author.

Kwik Sew has a newsletter called the Dancing Needle News. It gives a
fashion forecast along with mention of their new patterns. They also
have a colour visualizer on their site. This allows you to select a
colour, apply it to one of their garments and see for yourself how
that specific design would look in a wide range of colours. Go to
http://kwiksew.com and select a pattern that is visualizer enabled,
click on the link and have some fun.

As you all know I am a huge Sandra B. fan. She has a new trip planned
to Viet Nam and you are all invited. Travelling on the Victoria Orient
Express is just one thrill. You will also be sailing plus designing
your own shoes and handbag. Spouses are invited too. Here are the

Destination Sewing is a new site that offers online sewing classes.
Susan Andriks of the New Hampshire Academy is the primary instructor.
She also wrote a book on bridal sewing. If you are interested, the
site is also looking for sewing instructors.
http://destinationsewing.com is owned by Sandy Horton

Almost anyone who has ever sewed a stitch has heard of Claire Shaeffer
and her wonderful books. Now she is thinking of having some CD's
produced of her Chanel clothing collection. These will be like a peek
inside the world of haute couture. She is also thinking over the idea
of instructional CD's covering couturier methods. As I find more
information on this wonderful idea, I will let you all know. I think
they would be best sellers for sure.

Have you seen the new patterns for spring? What do you think of them?
I found a couple from Vogue that I love. One is by Ralph Rucci, a big
shirt that I just couldn't resist. Can't wait until I receive that
one. What are you sewing up this spring? Please don't be afraid to
send me email and tell me about your sewing ideas. mar...@gmail.com

Sewing With A Plan is a yearly challenge Julie from Timmel Fabrics
puts on. Everyone sews up an eleven piece co-ordinating wardrobe. Next
week there will be photos available of all the contestants and their
entries. I will be sure to send you the link. It is always surprising
to see the lovely wardrobes that result. Julie awards prizes according
to public voting. By the way, Julie has some nice knits posted on the
site this week.

This is a new site that my daughter dreamed up. It contains 29 sewing
videos along with assorted sewing groups and forums to ask questions
on. Most of the videos are by the members themselves. Some are more
professional than others. This site is focused on providing sewing
knowledge. Just a small fun site for sewing, quilting and needlework.
Everyone is encouraged to visit and enjoy the surroundings. You will
recognize the name, it's quite familiar.

It is nothing like the old Sew Whats New. You will see that as soon as
you get there, but it is a nice change. Let me know what you think.
You never know, there might be new sewing friends there waiting to
meet you.

I promise I will be back next week, I wouldn't want you to miss any of
the SWAP news. There are some very talented people out there in this
challenge. I have a wool/cashmere cape almost finished. It is
beautiful fabric but somehow I just cannot seem to draw myself to
finish it. Any suggestions? Until next week, stay well, have some fun
and happy sewing everyone.

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