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Jul 6, 2007, 11:29:36 AM7/6/07
to Sew Whats New Week in Review
Sew Whats New Week in Review
Editor: Mary Wilkins
Creating With Needle & Thread

Good morning one and all. This is the first newsletter from our new
home at Google. I hope you will all send me your comments on the
appearance and any problems you may have encountered reading. You can
reach me at I have added a few of you myself. If you
don't want to receive this newsletter, no problem. There should be
unsubscribe directions at the bottom of this newsletter. If not, just
email me and I will take care of it. This is indeed a test run today.

If links do not work in this newsletter, I will discontinue sending it
out. There is just no point to me boring everyone with my sewing
prattle when there are more interesting and important things going

Wazoodle is having another sale and so is quilting shop Secret
Workshop. Check them out for good deals.

After over 20 yrs. of selling fabrics Atlantic Fabrics is closing
down. A shrinking market of garment sewers and the arrival of Michaels
is probably a contributing cause. Now, we have Fabricville, mail
order fabrics from Timmel and one quilt shop. It is a very sad story
that you hear repeated over and over again these past few years.

Designer Liz Claiborne passed away. Her specialty was dressing the
working woman. She readily recognized that time and money were both
very important. Her designs dressed women in clothing perfect for the
board room yet within the grasp of every woman's budget and her
separates worked perfectly for those with little time to shop.

Keep patterns that you love and use. Sell or give away the "duds". The
other day I contemplated making myself a top until I remembered that
the pattern I was considering looked awful on me. Had I started this,
it would have been a complete waste of time.

Embroider and frame your favorite or most motivating quote and hang it
in your sewing space. Or another option is to stitch it onto your
sewing machine cover. This will make you smile and perhaps give you
that little push you need.

Please visit the site to see all our new topics.
I will sign off for now to see how this newsletter is received. You
will be hearing from me next week. Until then, stay well, have some
fun and happy sewing to you all.

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