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May 21, 2009, 12:18:42 PM5/21/09
to Sew Whats New Week in Review
Sew Whats New Week in Review
Editor: Mary Wilkins

Hello everybody. It has been months since I sent out a newsletter. So
much has happened, so much to tell you. Where shall I begin. Let's go
thru my new links I think you may want to visit first.

David Page Coffin is a well known, established celebrity in the world
of sewing. His books on shirts are very popular. Now he has produced a
CD-ROM on making trousers for men and women. Also, he worked with
Claire Shaeffer on her collection of Chanel garments. They produced
these as a study in couture methods, fabulous garments up close in
over 700 images. On his website you will get to preview these
different CD's as well as watch tutorials from other sewing pros.

I love this site and I think you will too. Pay him a visit, his
generosity and helpful instructions are very refreshing.

This site is all about the rights of anyone who faces a handicap. In
the upper left hand corner if you click on Fashion Freaks you will
find free clothing patterns for those confined to a wheelchair.

You may have already been to this site but if not, trot on over and
have a peek. They have videos for all sewers and quilters. Everything
from working with marine canvas to heirloom dainties, landscape
quilting, surface design, victorian hatmaking, crewel, slipcovers,
etc. The list goes on and on. You rent the videos so I would think
this might be fun for a bunch to get together and view them.

As some of you know, I moved to a very small village about nine months
ago. We settled in and joined the local garden club. My hubby's idea,
not mine. I can't grow weeds. Well, yes I can, if my front lawn is any
indication. Anyway, at one of the meetings one of the members took my
name and number. She told me the local theatre group needed
seamstresses to volunteer their time and skills sewing costumes for
plays. I said ok, not knowing what theatre sewing was all about. Later
on, the costume designer contacted me and we got together. This was in
late January. Myself along with one other lady and the designer got to
know each other as we worked side by side. The costume designer was a
great lady, so artistic in every aspect. The other lady was very kind
to me, explaining how they did things and always patient.

I had the preconceived notion that sewing for theatre involved
precision and tailoring. Well, I was so wrong. I learned that sewing
for theatre involves making something from practically nothing
sometimes. I learned to work with a myriad of fabrics, everything from
lovely satins to old shower curtains. The budget for costumes was next
to nothing so a lot of what we had was either donated or re-worked
from previous used clothing. The two of us sewed every day for five
months. Yes, every day. I found it addictive. Sewing is such a
solitary act, working with others made it seem like a whirlwind of
chitchat, sewing and creating. Such fun! We made everything from
soldier hats to butterfly wings that glowed in the dark.

When it finally came time for the play to come to life, I couldn't
believe what we had done. It was beautiful. The designer had such an
eye for line, depth and texture. With her designs and our sewing the
transition from rags to regal came to life.

Everyone loved the play. It was the Wizard of Oz, kids and adults
alike all left with a big smile on their face.
I learned so much and will never forget the winter I spent in the
basement of an old country theatre.

Visit the site and find oodles of people who
also enjoy sewing, quilting, crocheting, smocking, etc. There are
loads of tutorials, some really impressive photos of the members work
not to mention a whole community just waiting to meet you.

Until next time please feel free to email me about your sewing
Stay well, have fun and happy stitching everyone.
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