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Dec 5, 2008, 11:12:51 AM12/5/08
to Sew Whats New Week in Review
Sew Whats New Holiday Newsletter
Editor: Mary Wilkins

Hello everyone and welcome to the holiday newsletter for Sew Whats
New. I know it has been a very long time since I spoke with everyone.
I must tell you everything that has happened.

First of all, hubby and I moved into our old farmhouse. We had two
houses in the city that were for sale for nine long months. We were
getting very discouraged about the whole situation. Then, lo and
behold they both sold on the same day. Talk about excited. I couldn't
believe it was really true.

Downsizing is not easy. We went from 1600 square feet one one floor to
600 square feet.

Moving day was chaos and I really hope we don't have to ever move
again. However, we are here now. Snug as a bug and very happy.

My sewing room is quite a bit smaller but I love it. So far I have
sewn two blouses, two pr. of pants and now I'm deep into a pile of
flannel for jammies for my grandsons. Not bad for two months with
boxes still to be opened.

As I mentioned, I am sewing jammies for all the grandkids. But, there
are loads of other things that can be made this time of year. On the website there are all sorts of tutorials on
sewing gift bags, tree decorations and a really gorgeous tree skirt.
Check it out, the lady has done an excellent job on the tree skirt.

Have you been to her site lately? If not, you should surf on over. She
has had it totally redone and the facelift is remarkable. She also has
podcasts on the site. There are a few you can try for free and if you
like them you can sign up for more. She is also going to do some
things with Ron Collins from Saskatchewan, Canada.

If you haven't already been to you should visit
them as well. Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims host a web TV show that
provides instruction for quilting projects as well as peeks into the
lives of well known quilt artists. This is the first web quilting show
done in front of a live audience.

I made my son an organic cotton jersey T shirt. The cotton plants used
for this fabric used no pesticides of any kind. The fabric came from
Wazoodle but there are a few web sites that carry the organic fabrics.
I found this fabric a little touchy to work with. The fabric is quite
fine and draped well but all the edges curl like crazy. It seemed to
have a mind of its own but for a simple shirt it wasn't too bad. I
stitched the clear narrow elastic into the shoulder seams so they
won't stretch out of shape. Maybe I was just so used to sewing
flannel, I expected the jersey to behave just as well. Also, when I
prewashed the fabric it seemed to take forever to dry in the dryer.
I'm not sure if that is how all the natural cotton jerseys behave or

Sew Whats New has two lovely hooked rugs to give away this holiday
season. Simply join the site and post a sewing related post or join a
group to have your chance to win one of these lovely rugs. You can see
all the details on the homepage of

My son is into wood turning. He is as obsessed with this as we are
with our sewing. He has just put a couple of things up on Etsy for
sale. No, you don't have to buy but I wanted to show you his lovely
work. Of course, I am his biggest fan and quite proud of all his work.

I am now over most of the turmoil of moving and re-settling in our new
surroundings. My sewing room overlooks our backyard. One day I looked
out and there was a little spotted fawn in the backyard. We have deer
quite regularly in our front yard, they were here first. We have been
allowed to stay.

Hopefully I can now talk with you all on a more regular basis. It's
been too long since I sent out any kind of a newsletter. Thank you all
for being so patient while I re-established. If this is your first
newsletter, welcome to Sew Whats New and I hope you can find new
friends and learn something new from the site.

You can email me anytime and tell me what you have been up to and what
you think of the newsletter. If you have suggestions I would be happy
to hear them. My email is

I think my next newsletter will be right after New Years. Everyone is
so busy during this holiday season. If you do not celebrate this
holiday, I hope you enjoy your time with family and friends all the
same. Until next time, stay well, have some fun and happy stitching to
you all.

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