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Nov 15, 2007, 11:54:00 AM11/15/07
to Sew Whats New Week in Review
Sew Whats New Week in Review
Editor: Mary Wilkins
Creating With Needle & Thread

Good morning everyone. It's so nice to be with everybody again. My,
how time flies for us all. I have to tell you everything that has
happened in the last few weeks.

Firstly, our house is for sale. Hubby wanted more time and space for
his gardening. He is so passionate about it all, just as I am with
sewing. We have decided this is "our" time of life and we should take
advantage of it all before we are too old. We found a run-down
delapidated farm house with three acres. A good price but quite a
rural area to be sure. It is within walking distance of a small
village so we grabbed it. Ack!!! Now we have two houses.

The real estate handling our present home is showing people thru so it
has to be quite clean and neat ALL the time. What a drag that is.
Needless to say, my sewing room never looked so good but I don't get
to sew very much at all. This is not fun but it will be over soon I am
sure. Wish us luck.

Bernina has a sewing supercomputer. The Artista 730E has a stitch
regulator, knee operated lifter to raise the presser foot and an
optional large embroidery field. Not only that, with a Microsoft
Windows operating system, the 730E connects to the internet so you can
download sewing projects and embroidery designs. For the perfect
buttonhole, hold your button up to the screen, turn a knob and the
machine makes the perfectly sized buttonhole. $10,900.00 Cdn.

Sears carries the De Longhi PRO300 Compact Steam Generator ironing
system. This is an iron with a water storage unit. It can steam
vertically for clothing or drapes. It has an adjustable handle for
lefties and cord storage. This is a powerful deep steamer giving 2
hours of continuous steam. Price was not available.

By the way, both of these products were advertised in a home
decorating magazine. Take note if you are in any sort of business.
Step outside of your immediate comfort zone when advertising. You will
draw more notice and potential buyers than you think. This will help
expand your customer base.

These are but two of the goodies new out this holiday season. I would
like to see that iron in action. I have a Rowenta that I love. A
couple of weeks ago it stopped working. I knew it was a broken wire in
the cord. The plug was always very stiff and it took some work to plug
or unplug. Hubby replaced the plug and it works better than ever. It
is the Professional Laser made in Germany.

Remember last time I wrote, I told you my scissors had bit the dust. I
was so sad to think I had to retire my Soft Touch Fiskars. They had
served me well for years. Well, as a last resort I loosened the one
screw in the handle just a nudge. They are cutting along just fine
now. It seems they must have tightened up on their own to the point
that the blades were crowding each other. At any rate, I am very happy
to have them back again.

If you haven't seen the latest Threads magazine yet, they have a great
column on drafting your own skirt pattern. It is very easy, makes
perfect sense and I think you will gain some valuable insight into
darts when you read thru. The article starts off saying "start with
two fabric rectangles and then pinch out triangles to fit them around
your waist and hips" So simple. They also tell you how to calculate
your yardage for any skirt. Pick up a copy this month, this article
alone is great, never mind the other ones on plaids, bias tips or how
to add pizzazz to a simple garment with multiple fabrics. Threads is
always a good read.

Elizabeth sews and teaches about historically correct clothing usually
for re-enactment groups. She also has free patterns on her site for
both adults and children. Now I hear she has begun to design doll
clothes that are also of the same period.

This is a new website that I honestly haven't had the time to really
look at too seriously but I think it is a winner. It has
"sewlebrities" loads of videos and it's all quite professionally done.

This is the time of year we sew for warmth. Lots of bulky fabrics. If
you are sewing one of these perhaps cutting your facings, under
collars or cuffs from a thinner fabric will help cut down on the bulk.
A co-ordinating flannel might really dress it up and keep the bulky
fabric manageable.

Here is another tip. Take those scraps of bulky fleeces and sew up
easy mittens and scarves for underprivileged kids. Pretty them up with
ribbon for little girls or an embroidery motif for boys.

I had a fair number of you email me with what is going on in your
local area. Lots of sewing groups are stitching up easy quilts for
needy families. One group takes a pattern from an independent company
and everyone makes up the same item of clothing. Then they critique
the directions. I think this would help everyone understand pattern
instructions a bit quicker and easier. You know how everyone can
interpret a simple direction differently.

Another lady made fleece scarves. Then bought fleece mitts from the $
store and trimmed the wrists with same fleece as the scarf. Voila, an
instant matching accessory. Smart lady, don't you think.

I have gone on long enough. Don't be afraid to email me with your
latest sewing activities. I love to hear all you do in your own sewing world. I
will be back again before the holiday season gets too rushed or
hectic. Until next time, stay well, have some fun and happy stitching
to you all.

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