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Oct 16, 2007, 12:08:52 PM10/16/07
to Sew Whats New Week in Review
Sew Whats New Week in Review
Editor: Mary Wilkins
Creating With Needle & Thread

Hello everyone, it's nice to be with you again. Welcome to my new
subscribers. I see a few more have signed up since the last time I
posted. Goodness, it has been three weeks since I wrote a newsletter.
Where has the time gone.

Our family has had three birthdays in three weeks. We have been busy
aging. Hubby turned 61 and I turned 58 : ( I did enjoy seeing all
the grandkids. My middle daughter turned 36. She was in Boston with a
girlfriend on a shopping spree. They really enjoyed their time seeing
all the sights without kids or husbands.

My husband receives every single catalog that Lee Valley sends out and
that is a lot! I just realized that they have sewing machine lifts. If
you are in the market for one, they might be a source for you. I think
they are $160.00 or so.

The local sewing guild is sewing up lingerie for a woman's shelter. I
sewed a camisole, bottoms and short sleeve top from red tricot. I used
stretchy lace instead of elastic for both the waistband in the pants
and the straps of the camisole. I think this is such a worthy cause
and I urge everyone to sew something for the less fortunate. As the
cold weather invades us, not everyone has the necessities.

Our local guild also has a Kwik Sew Challenge for the members. We are
all to stitch up Kwik Sew 3200 and embellish or change as we would
like. The winner receives a $100.00 gift certificate from

Do you belong to a local sewing or stitchery group? If so, what are
some of your activities? How do you challenge your expertise and learn
new techniques? I would love to know. We all need to help each other
to be the best in sewing we can be.

Quite by accident I found a source for notions, thread, etc. that you
may like. Stable Sewing

Have you heard about SWAP? Julie Culshaw is the lady to speak to if
you are interested in sewing yourself an 11 piece wardrobe and perhaps
winning FREE fabric and patterns. Her website has all the rules. It's
not too early to start thinking about what you want to wear this
winter. I think I will join in the fun. I
want to use as much from my stash as I can but one of the rules of
SWAP is to purchase $25.00 in fabric or patterns from Timmel
Fabrics. That won't be hard, Julie has some very nice fabrics and
quite a variety of patterns.

I have also heard a few mutter about Christmas. It may be a bit early
but if you have a list of things to make, it's only sensible to start
planning and cutting. It's how busy people get things done, planning
ahead. If you work with felt at all for crafting, I found a lovely
little blog with tutorials on this. I think you will like it as much
as I did.

I have my Mandarin Shirt Jacket pattern out and pinned to the pumpkin
linen I bought. My scissors are giving me fits, I guess nothing lasts
forever. I have had my spring loaded Fiskars for years. Maybe Santa
will bring me some new ones. Our local Fabricville carries Kai
scissors. One of the girls that work there let me try the shears, they
feel like heaven in your hand and expensive at $100.00 For now I am
using another pair of scissors I have, Henckels. I don't like them
nearly as well. Something about how they fit my hand I think.

I have rattled on long enough, drop me a line and let me know what you
are sewing, how you are and what your sewing group is doing this
We can share ideas and learn something new. Until next time, stay
well, have some fun and happy sewing to you all.

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