The Winter Blahs

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Feb 11, 2008, 2:38:43 PM2/11/08
to Sew Whats New Week in Review
Sew Whats New Week in Review
Editor: Mary Wilkins
Creating With Needle & Thread

Good day everyone, it's so nice to be back with you all again.
Welcome to my new subscribers. I hope you enjoy our sewing

Today we have had a winter storm with cold winds and lots of snow.
Schools were closed much to the joy of all the kids in Halifax. It is
quite cold with the wind chill, but my little dogs just love the snow.
I take them out twice a day for exercise. They keep me moving or I am
sure I would seize up for sure. They love jumping and running thru the
snow and will do almost anything to prolong their walks. I am
standing in the middle of a blizzard while the two of them have a good
hearted tussle in the snow. Sometimes I wonder about my own sanity.

I was out of town last week and picked up a copy of Sewstylish from
Taunton Publishing. It is a great sewing magazine that I thought would
be ceasing publication. I guess I misunderstood because apparently all
they cancelled was the subscription service. They are still
distributing the magazine at local newsstands. You can check their
content out at
They have some great articles on felting, beading, ribbon flowers,
pleating fabric, their winter issue. It is worth the

Did you join the BMV club? It is a club of sewing enthusiasts that
receive a percentage off of every magazine and pattern purchased for a
monthly fee. I don't buy enough to make it worth my while, but if you
do it might be something you would like to do. Butterick, McCalls and
Vogue patterns are all included in this offer and they have private
sales just for members.

This is a new e-magazine on the sewing scene that will carry wardrobe
hints and tips in each issue. Check it out.

This organization has closed its doors after over 80 yrs. of service
to the sewing industry at large. Their website will post more
information as circumstances change. They still have all the great
information available. This is a great loss to the sewing audience.

Wazoodle Fabrics now manufactures their own fabrics. They have a
slideshow that shows the back room operation. They carry snap presses
and the plastic snaps in assorted colours along with bias and twill
tape available in fifty yard quantities. Elastic is also available in
massive quantities. You can see it here.

The March issue of Threads magazine has a wonderful article on
interlining. One of their suggestions was after treating both fashion
fabric and interling as one and sewing the seams to baste your seam
allowances down to the interlining only. They say it gives a much more
professional finish. I have never done this. Have you? If so, let me
know what your results were. I love it when I find something new to
try, don't you. I am eager to try this new step.

Timmel Fabrics has some lovely cotton eyelet 46" wide that would make
a great top or summer dress. If not for you, maybe some little girl.
It comes in assorted colours too. Julie also has some gorgeous printed
silk charmeuse that I am trying not to look at. I simply have to stay
disciplined and try to sew up what I have before buying any more. I am
so weak!

I finished up a few projects that had been calling to me. One was a
blouse for our local sewing guild challenge that turned out quite
nice. I will be making another from some polyester crepe I have. The
first blouse is quite soft, flowy and feminine. I want the next one to
be more of a jacket. Another was a knit I was really eager to try out.
It was a cheapie from the local chain fabric store. It made up fine
but is just a tad cheesy for my taste. Luckily it is more of an
everyday top for working around the house so it is no great loss.
Funny how you can buy something, make it up and know immediately its
not what you want. Why don't we know this when we buy the fabric?

I have a craft project to make up for my sister-in-law. She bought
them for me to sew up. It is a pair of Sunbonnet Sue dolls. I would
rather scrub ceilings or wait on a sick man than do these crafty kit
things. I used to love them but now I find them just a nuisance. I am
forcing myself to complete them so I can go on to other things. The
fabrics and findings are sitting on my sewing table waiting and
collecting dust. Hopefully I can find some enthusiasm soon.

My husband and I have been working on our old farmhouse. It has been
interesting to say the least. Unknown to us, we purchased the old
house from my grandson's great-grandmother's twin sister. While we
were cleaning up in the basement I found a date written on an old
timber way back in the corner. Someone wrote Nov. 9 which is the same
grandson's birthday. What a coincidence. Lots of square nails and
wooden pegs. This homestead is over 100 years old. Thru the years they
had wallpapered their ceilings and bare boards over and over again.

I would really like to be writing to you each week but sometimes I
just can't find much to tell you. You can write me
anytime( and tell me about your sewing adventure or
problems. Let me know if there are any new sewing sites we should all
visit or tips you would like to pass on. Until next time, stay well,
have some fun and happy stitching to you all.

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