Anti-EV Op-Ed Claims Are Running On Fumes: EVs Idle Better, Longer

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Philip Skoog

Oct 3, 2022, 6:51:53 AMOct 3
to, Jay Donnaway, Bill Popp, Eric Smith, Virginia C Winslow

The EV haters use fear of freezing as a way to lower the stock prices and slow the adoption of the best transportation solution in 50 years.  We have used gasoline cars and trucks for so long we think it is the only way to move and yet the electric car and soon electric trucks have significant advantages.  As drivers of EVs we what to motivate base on facts not fear. 

This article has some great testing data that proves that an EV can be as good or better than a gas car in maintaining heat in bad weather.  

PS Tony this is not news to you but it is to most of the public and that is the point of the article. 

Positive and engaging stories will spread the truth about how great your EV is.  I have gone camping in mine and had a blast watching videos and staying warm at night.  Mine even has a camping mode where a video fireplace appears on the screen and the heater simulates a warm crackling fire.  

Wow Love that!

Tony Billera

Oct 3, 2022, 10:41:38 AMOct 3
to, Jay Donnaway, Bill Popp, Eric Smith, Virginia C Winslow
Agreed. And it’s a point we should make sure is part of any EV education. 

Note this and the other articles were instigated from last winter’s event when they were written. 

I 100% agree this is an important capability where electric can excel. 

I address this and several additional  myths in my deck. 

Please consider the environment before printing this email. Thank you.

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