A great case study of why we need all charging locations to charge all brands of cars. The policy will support tourism and business travel.

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Philip Skoog

Sep 28, 2022, 2:03:13 PM9/28/22
to Jay Donnaway O#, Grace Reamer, Jim Lerner, Jim White, Jeff Finn, Chad Schwitters, Troy Thiel, Mike Lindblom, Virginia Winslow, seva_list
Honorable Mayor, Administration, and Council:

I recently received an email that suggested Eatonville may be considering Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations in the near future.  Congratulations, you are an excellent location for EV tourists.  As a EV driver and advocate in Eastern WA (Richland) for more than six years, I urge you to install EV charging stations that will be COMPATIBLE WITH ALL Electric Vehicles.  

Not all EV drivers care about standards or are electrical experts.  We just want to charge at the fastest rate possible in our vehicle AT ANY STATION.  Imagine what would happen if you pulled into a gas station and it only contained "unattainium-grade" fuel that you couldn't use.  Arrrrrgggghhhhh!  You might be stuck at night, in an unfamiliar, cold, wet, or snowy location.  Please consider all future tourists/consumers, and not just the ones fortunate enough to purchase a specific EV brand.

For DC quick charging (DCQC), this means BOTH the CCS and Chademo standards (typically up to three phase, 480 V, 100 A service).  For AC electricity, this currently means the SAE J1772 Standard for Level 2 (240 V, up to 80 Amp).  Furthermore, please consider installing the highest KW systems possible (currently at least 50 KW for DCQC with up to 150 KW in the future, and 20 KW for L2).  Examples are shown below:

Unfortunately, there are competing standards with each set of vehicle manufacturers supporting their own standard (e.g., Tesla, Chademo, and CCS). Please don't select a system that only supports one standard.

Finally, I want to relay a personal story about EV tourism.  During one trip, I traveled from Richland, WA to Coos Bay, OR and back on $20 electricity, but spent nearly $1000 along the way at hotels, restaurants, museums, theaters, shops, etc.  On another trip to Bellingham, WA, I spent time with friends and family, but still managed to spend over $250.  Both of these trips were taken in a 2011 Nissan Leaf (Chademo DCQC) with a nominal 75 mi range and was made possible by the WA-OR Electric Highway System.  Without the appropriate DCQC stations, current and/or future EV drivers may not be able to visit your town.  Please help us visit you, using locally-produced electricity, instead of foreign oil, thereby keeping our dollars where they belong, in WA State.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to visiting soon.
Mid-Columbia Electric Vehicle Association 
Garrett Brown, President
Electric Auto Association

Tracy Farwell

Sep 28, 2022, 4:21:44 PM9/28/22
to SEVA List, Jay Donnaway, Grace Reamer, Jim Lerner, Jim White, Jeff Finn, Chad Schwitters, Troy Thiel, Mike Lindblom, Virginia Winslow
Being in the market for a replacement EV (2016 version of Kia Soul is down to 70 mi in winter) I’m looking at CCS and thinking a single receptacle is good for L1. L2, and CCS DCQC.  This seems to render CHAdeMO obsolescent except for owners like me who still have CHAdeMO input that I rarely use.  So providing a charging network with CHAdeMO is critical to avoid stranding the early adopters who do not deserve to be punished by charge network  newbies.

Learn about EVs and EVents at: https://www.seattleeva.org
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Jay Donnaway

Sep 28, 2022, 4:24:37 PM9/28/22
to SEVA...@googlegroups.com
OMG Phil, 
That email is five years old!  I almost fired off a letter seconding Garrett's message to the Eatonville Mayor and Board, as I did site walks and narrowed a list of candidate sites for Eatonville in a gateways to National Parks project during the Obama administration!  

Still no public charging in Eatonville…



Philip Skoog

Sep 28, 2022, 6:16:06 PM9/28/22
to SEVA...@googlegroups.com
Yes it is an old email but I hear they still need EV charging?

Am I correct that Eatonville is Tacoma Power electrical territory but it is PSE for natural gas?

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Sep 28, 2022, 6:26:15 PM9/28/22
to SEVA...@googlegroups.com, Philip Skoog
Nope it's Eatonville's own public Electric Utility.  And surrounding the  town is OHOP Mutual Light. Special electric  public utilities...

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