Stakeholders advocate federal funding for Cascadia rail line slightly off topic

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Philip Skoog

Sep 8, 2021, 11:04:07 AMSep 8
The idea that a high speed train will be more competitive and more useful than autonomous vans is old thinking.

Looking at the California HST experience shows how risk prone an HST is to cost an political failures. It is not going to go fast unless it only stops three times per trip.

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Mark Yormark

Sep 8, 2021, 11:53:01 AMSep 8
to seva
The original study was in 1992 well before the idea of the Hyperloop was conceived.  No mention in the article on specifics.  If it does go the entire length of the I-5 corridor it will have to stop in many locations to make it viable.

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Jay Donnaway

Sep 13, 2021, 9:56:30 PMSep 13
We cannot have frequent stops on a high speed single track line, just as you cannot have express trains on a local track.  This is a fundamental flaw of any train system I'm aware of that's actually still in use.  

The British ran 'slip coaches' for 100 years, where they'd uncouple a single car from a passing express train, letting it roll into a local station with a skilled brakeman.  The coach would then hook up with the next train that actually stopped at that station.  
The British never managed to make a motorized slip coach that could catch back up and recouple with the parent train.  This would have made a continuous express train looping the country possible, with passengers coming and going via a sporty self-powered railcar.  These railcars exist worldwide in electric, battery-electric, and diesel versions, and are used used in Oregon for the Westside Express Service line between Beaverton and Wilsonvllle, but not in a version that serves as a shuttle to and from passing express trains.

Single-pod hyperloop designs that allow small groups to ride directly from point to point with just a couple minutes of airlock action of each end may be technically feasible, but if it sounds too expensive, it probably is.  


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