speaking of clubs, any other renewable energy clubs in the region?

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Aug 18, 2021, 4:00:52 PMAug 18
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Greetings all.  Thanks for the dialog this morning about fees for EVs.  We are shopping and considering either EV conversion for one of our vehicles or buying a new-to-us EV, but haven’t made the plunge yet.  Not sure whether we’re in the RTA but being in southern Snohomish County we’ll have to check into that.  All good information and good warning for what to expect.  And welcome to the area, Sarah!


On a somewhat related note, can anyone tell me if there is a regional email group for other renewable energy topics, such as home-scale wind or solar?  We’re within a year or two of starting with either wind and/or solar here, and I’d like to line up some contacts and mentors in the area.  I’m not interested in Facebook groups, I’m referring to actual residents in actual groups that go out and do actual things.  I have occasionally done searches in the area for such a group and most of my search results are for how PSE is pushing renewable energy. Not really what I was looking for.  Sorry if this is too far off topic but I figured at least this group of folks would be a decent collection of regional citizens who might know of such things.  Thanks all.

Kathryn Kerby


Jay Donnaway

Aug 21, 2021, 12:04:12 AMAug 21
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Thx Kathryn, 

I used to be involved in a DIY solar club, but it faded away along with the smaller EV Assoc chapters years ago as so many moved their “social” activities online and commercial solar installation became so much more affordable.

However, I have three large self-built PV arrays at home, and have made some good contacts in FB groups that moved into the real world.  Details on my arrays are at 

You’d be welcome to visit sometime!

Jay Donnaway 
SEVA President 

Learn about EVs and EVents at: https://www.seattleeva.org
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Aug 21, 2021, 1:53:01 AMAug 21
to SEVA...@googlegroups.com

Thank you Jay, we may just take you up on that visit sometime!  I was hoping for a group as involved/active as this one.  We’re not quite to the point of going forward with buying equipment yet but we’re figuring out sites, mounting options, KW requirements, etc etc.  I’ll take a look at what you’ve got online per your links below.  Thanks again!


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