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Jun 25, 2014, 7:11:40 PM6/25/14

I've been playing with a kite based mesh extender for very long range. Pictures in the next few weeks.
One problem is that today the 900mhz radios are paired, which means there's less advantage to having a sky hook. Yesterday the answer came to me: 
Just set up a cron job to change the kite's radio ID every few minutes. This won't work for voice, but suddenly rhizome works with multiple radios
There was talk of putting the radio ID into the serval.conf setup. Today, what is the best way to change the radio ID? Stop serval, run expect script, restart? 

For any folks on the list that haven't seen it, could be a low cost way of setting up a serval link through baby monitors or cheap Chinese work radios.  

Finally, the mesh extender scripts fetch-openwrt-packages & get-extra-files are broken right now, at least for the 703n. The trunk packages have been updated and there are new dependencies ( at least libc & lib-nls-base).  I gave up chasing dependencies & started making the mesh-extender a replacement loopback filesystem for the piratebox distribution. I hope to put some more time into that this weekend. This makes it much easier to install and recover, and takes advantage of someone else's bootstrapping effort. 

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