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Lars Baumgaertner

Sep 2, 2017, 5:59:09 AM9/2/17
to Serval Project Developers

we've got several 433mhz and 868mhz lora modems ranging from 17 EUR to 170 EUR and a range up to 15km (according to their specs). Unfortunately they all have different driver interfaces for sending and receiving messages. We would really like to use them with serval.

Where do we have to  add "drivers" for these devices in lbard?
Do you plan on rewriting parts of lbard to introduce proper device driver abstraction so that it will be easier to add new long range communication methods? 

At the moment it seems very tightly coupled to your hardware or I am misunderstanding something due to a lack of documentation :D

Documentation on your sync mechanism would also be fine, since we have python libraries for interfacing with serval rest and for using the lora modems (2 out of 4 so far) so we could easily implement a framework for experiments and rapid prototyping of ideas.


Paul Gardner-Stephen

Sep 2, 2017, 6:17:02 AM9/2/17
to Serval Project Developers
Hello Lars,

It would be nice to have improved driver abstraction in LBARD.  Ghassan one of our PhD students is working on HF radio support for LBARD, which is causing some work towards this direction.  The active work is on the MeshExtender2.0 branch.

Regarding LORA radios, the chirped spread spectrum (CSS) modulation is indeed really interesting, and we would also like to see this modulation available in Mesh Extenders.  We have contemplated asking RFDesign who make the RFD900/868s we use now, to make a CSS radio that would be easy to integrate with the Mesh Extender.

If you can provide more information about the radios you have found, we can look together about how we might modify either LBARD and/or the firmware of those radios to get them working in Serval.

I'm also hoping to be able to send some of the new Mesh Extender 2.0 hardware units to you guys in the near future -- perhaps to be handed over at GHTC since some of you guys will be there anyway.

For documentation of the TreeSync algorithm, this is currently nonexistent. We should indeed document it and write a paper on it. Maybe this is something we should tackle together for the double benefit?


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