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Kofi Obiri-Yeboah

Apr 9, 2018, 7:30:05 PM4/9/18
to Serval Project Developers
@Paul and @ Jeremy: would you or anyone else  for that matter, have access to the original PCB and 3D files Musti created for the MR3020  version of the Mesh-Extender.

I need to modify the MR3020 insert PCB to add the correct UART pins for the AR-150 (replace those for the MR3020) and also add a 5v input - only the gerber files are provided. I need the original .pcb file Also which holes are PTH?

Also I need to modify the case and only the stl files have been provided. I need the original 3D file to do the modification and regenerate the correct stl files

The site is also missing the BOM for the PCB - especially the correct part numbers for the LEDs. 

In the attached pdf file one notices that Musti is using some 4 "vertical pins"  for the UART and  9"vertical pins" for the contacts to the radio pads. In practice how did that work? Without soldering, how were electrical contacts maintained. I am assuming that those mesh extenders were really built and field tested

Finally while I understand how one should mount individual mesh-extenders to connect different sites and create a mesh , how were "potential users" able to tap into the 2.GHz WiFi signals from these extenders considering that they had only a maximum of 18 or 20 dBm output.? How close in practice did cellphone users need to be at the min to tap into the Wi-Fi signals

Lest I forget, I should also mention that I am also reaching out to Musti at his INRA location. He was still out of the office the last time I checked. My RFDesign 900+radios and Ar-150s  and previous versions of the cases are all here now  and am dying to wet my hands Hippeeeeeeee!

Would appreciate any info - I know this has been a while




Paul Gardner-Stephen

Apr 9, 2018, 9:09:44 PM4/9/18
to Serval Project Developers

For the AR150, you don't need the extra PCB at all. Just hook the UART lines to an RFD900.  Just put the combination in a lunch box with some hot glue to hold things in place.

Wifi range of the AR150 in open areas with a little antenna tends to be 50 - 200m, although it can do better in ideal conditions.


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