Issue 166 in serf: subversion + serf + kerberos + https hangs

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May 24, 2015, 12:47:21 PM5/24/15
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New issue 166 by subversion + serf + kerberos +
https hangs

Checking out a medium sized repo using kerberos and https
hangs in mid air. Kill with Ctrl-C and do svn update and it too
hangs before finished.

However, following this advise about apache:
The MaxKeepAliveRequests option in httpd.conf needs to be increased from
100 (the default) to at least 1000 (there is no reason why it could not be
10000). This will improve performance by allowing serf clients to use fewer
TCP connections to the server. Clients using neon will also work fine with
this configuration.

Makes the hangs go away. Seems like there is a bug in serf handling low
for MaxKeepAliveRequests

subversion 1.8.13 and serf 1.3.8

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