Immediate availability of unapproved shortcuts

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Georg Jaehnig

Jun 7, 2015, 6:30:51 PM6/7/15

one thing that bothers me is that unapproved shortcuts edits (for
instance an URL fix by a non-mderator) are still not available to the
editing users. I guess this demotivates a lot of users and thus many
good edits do not happen.

So I wrote a draft on how unapproved shortcuts could become available
to everyone.

The basic idea is that when such a shortcut is matched, an info
message is displayed, informing the calling user of the change,
showing a diff to the previous version. Especially the new URL domain
should be pointed out.

The user can then:

- accept the shortcut revision for herself (thus save this decision in
a browser cookie). So a further call on the same device would redirect
normally (as if an approved shortcut revision was called)
- send the query again to match only within approved shortcut revisions

Details are here:

Feel free to comment, per mail or on Github!

Georg | - search with shortcuts
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