New Serchilo spin-off with more privacy: Trovu

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Georg Jaehnig

Jun 25, 2018, 12:08:40 PM6/25/18
Dear Serchilo/ users,

I've started working on a spin-off project. It's called "Trovu", and
its main difference is:

- All of the query processing happens in the client.

Therefore, you have much more privacy, as your search queries are not sent
out to the Serchilo server anymore. Its all done by local Javascript in your
browser. [4]

- Additionally, all of the site shortcut management is done in a
Github repo [1].

Even more:

- Your personal user shortcuts can be hosted anywhere, and thus can be
actually non-public now. [2][3]

I've got a running site already:

Things that already work:
- All current site shortcuts from can be called.
- Adding to your browser as default search engine.
- Overriding namespaces (en.w berlin).
- UI for setting namespaces and custom user namespaces.

Things that do not work yet:
- suggestions/autocomplete
- argument types
- default keyword

Check out the wiki with this fancy flowchart to understand what's
going on during processing of a query:

What I'm asking you for:

- Do you like the general idea?

- What features should be added next?

- Do you know about state-of-the-art JS coding standards and can give me some
hints on how to better organize the code? [4]

- Are you interested in developing another front-end, for instance
- Electron
- OSX widget
- Android/iOS app
- browser extension
- ...?

Feel also free to give any other hints. I want to become this more of
a community project, as this new approach allows much more
decentralization. It's even possible to host the web-frontend on your
local hard disk, even without any localhost. Simply clone it and open
the index.html file in your browser. [4]

All of the work shall be free software (still have to pick a license) and
happen in the new Github organization profile. [5]

Looking forward to hear from you!


Beste Grüße,
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