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knud van eeden

Aug 2, 2023, 6:13:38 PMAug 2
to SemWare TSE Pro Text Editor


This is a really very though issue:


Root cause: Probably the TSE version 4.49e spell.dll DLL is blocked by some (yet unknown) program.


E.g. no other TSE versions besides TSE version 4.49e do show this issue.


Symptom: When running the TSE spellchecker (menu TSE > 'Util' > 'Spell Check') and choosing e.g. 'File',
the suggestion list was empty showing e.g. always something like:

[       ]
[       ]
[       ]
[       ]

instead of suggested options like

[This   ]
[That   ]
[Those  ]
[...    ]


(Only) workaround found at this moment:

Use another spell.dll in another directory from another similar TSE instalaltion:

In <TSE>\mac\spellchk.s use instead of the original

    dll "<spell.dll>"

use e.g. this (thus a spell.dll located in a completely different directory where another same TSE version is installed)

    dll "<g:\wordproc\tse\tse_beta44900e\spell.dll>"

and recompile spellchk.s


=> I will see if my next migration to the latest TSE version 4.50 RC8 or higher possibly resolves it.



-Troubleshooting (e.g. following the function 'GetSuggestion()' in spellchk.s showed that the issue was clearly only related to the spell.dll, nothing else.
So a DLL (blocking) issue.

-E.g. in spellchk.s the GetSuggestion( raw_data ) returned an empty string, that meant that the DLL did return an empty string.

-Replacing all files spellchk.s, spellchk.mac, spell.dll by its original clean versions: No effect

-Moving or removing all relevant personal.lex, user.lex, wrong.lex, semware.lex: No effect

-Making sure there were no other copies of spellchk.mac anywhere in the <TSE> directory: No effect

-Copying another working g32.exe to the <TSE> directory and replacing the existing g32.exe with it: No effect

-Adding the directory f:\wordproc\tse32_v44900\ and also f:\wordproc\ to the exclusion list of my anti-virus software and restarting the computer: No effect

-Burning the .cfg of a working version in the current g32.exe: No effect

-Burning the .ui again in g32.exe: No effect

-Double checking the .ui for how spellchk.s is run: ExecMacro( "spellchk" ), that should be OK thus.

-Trying to explicitly set Set( TSEPATH, "" ) the same as in a working other spellchk.s: No effect

-In Microsoft Explorer changing the properties of spell.dll to all possible rights and comparing it with another working spell.dll: No effect

-In Microsoft Explorer checking if there was maybe some warning about this spell.dll found in its properties. Nothing found.

-Checking if Microsoft Defender maybe was blocking this spell.dll DLL and looking in the security settings of the computer. No relevant information found yet: No effect thus.
-Executing the maco <TSE>\mac\spellchk.mac directly: No effect

-Copying the whole <TSE> directory to another directory in the same path and running spellchk in that new directory: No effect

-Copying the whole <TSE> directory to another directory on another drive (e.g. c:\temp\) and running spellchk in that new directory: No effect

-Trying to register the spell.dll using for %f in (*.dll) do regsvr /S %f or similarly for %f in (*.dll) do regsvr32 /S %f: no effect

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with friendly greetings
Knud van Eeden

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