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Carlo Hogeveen

Jul 11, 2023, 6:05:30 AMJul 11
to Semware @ GoogleGroups

I am reporting this as just an odd inconvenience, easily ignored or
The context is the latest Windows GUI TSE version.
As discussed in the past, I can understand why Warn() must use a Windows
pop-up instead of a TSE pop-up during TSE's start-up.
But the example macro below waits until the editor is (started up and) idle,
and then still uses a Windows pop-up instead of a TSE pop-up.
Using a list the example macro also shows that TSE pop-ups are possible from
the _idle_ state.


proc idle()
integer lst_id = 0
lst_id = CreateTempBuffer()
AddLine('This is a list presenting a TSE pop-up.')
List('Warning', 40)
Warn('This is a Warn() presenting a Windows pop-up. Why?')
end idle

proc WhenLoaded()
Hook(_IDLE_, idle)
end WhenLoaded

zhong zhao

Jul 12, 2023, 4:54:17 AMJul 12
to SemWare TSE Pro text editor
Warn() let TSE leave idle status,I guess.

Carlo Hogeveen

Jul 12, 2023, 5:46:37 AMJul 12
to sem...@googlegroups.com

zhong zhao wrote:
> Warn() let TSE leave idle status,I guess.

That is not how TSE works. Just the opposite.
I expect that to decide which pop-up to use, Warn() should look at whether the editor has finished starting up instead of whatever it is currently looking at.

According to TSE's QueryEditState() statement, there is no separate "idle state".
It has the same value as the main editing loop: 0.
In other words, the "idle state" is the main editing loop.


S.E. Mitchell

Aug 24, 2023, 9:34:11 PMAug 24
to sem...@googlegroups.com
On a call to warn(), the editor calls this routine:
bool GUIidleAndSafe(void) {
return idle_hook_called == 0 && cmQueryEditState() == 0;

If it returns true, the character mode msgbox is called, otherwise,
the Windows MessageBox is called.
idel_hook_called is <> 0 whenever an idle macro has been called.

int cmQueryEditState(void) {
int state = 0;
if (menu_level) state |= STATE_MENU;
if (process_in_window_level)state |= STATE_PROCESS_IN_WINDOW;
if (popn - popn_base) state |= STATE_POPWINDOW;
if (warn_level) state |= STATE_WARN;
if (twokey_level) state |= STATE_TWOKEY;
if (editor_paused) state |= STATE_EDITOR_PAUSED;
if (u.read_in_use) state |= STATE_PROMPTED;
if (otherwise_busy) state |= STATE_BUSY;
return state;
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Carlo Hogeveen

Aug 27, 2023, 7:32:08 AMAug 27
to sem...@googlegroups.com


Disclaimer: I do not want to suggest changing GUIidleAndSafe(), because it might be used elsewhere for other purposes.

From my outside point of view, it seems that GUI TSE's Warn() test's
idle_hook_called == 0 && cmQueryEditState() == 0;
should be
idle_hook_called != 0 || cmQueryEditState() == 0;

As per my original post, the purpose of the change would be to not use a Windows pop-up for Warn() when a standard TSE pop-up would work too, which I think is the case during an _idle_ hook.

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