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Carlo Hogeveen

Jun 23, 2022, 9:13:51 AMJun 23
to sem...@googlegroups.com

Sorry, but I just discovered some awesome TSE/Windows magic the Uniview extension gets for free:

If TSE's two display configuration options "Use 3D Characters" and "Use 3D Buttons" are set OFF and TSE is restarted, then Windows automagically uses a character from another font if a character does not exist in the Courier New font.

I am looking at some Chinese text and some monochrome emojis in TSE!

I copied the emojis in color from a website. My guess is that the available fonts only support a simplified monochrome form of emojis. Notepad displays these emojis the same as TSE.


Updated the documentation and the test file accordingly:

Knud van Eeden

Jun 28, 2022, 6:41:36 AMJun 28
to sem...@googlegroups.com
(tested with clean TSE 4.42.00 + Uniview v5.0.1 + use 3D parameters both off  (menu Options>Full configuration>Display>3D) + Courier New + 'save current settings' + restart TSE + loading Uniview_Test.text + run status.mac + run unicode.mac +  run uniview.mac)


That looks good in this version.

with friendly greetings
Knud van Eeden


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Carlo Hogeveen

Jun 28, 2022, 7:35:16 AMJun 28
to sem...@googlegroups.com

> That looks good in this version.

I agree.
Unfortunately I discovered two related flaws in TSE itself.
I used to set the configuration's 3D display options to ON, which "disables" the flaws, so I never noticed them before.

The new benefit of setting the 3D display options to OFF is, that it enables the Uniview extension to display non-Courier New characters too, like a checkmark character and Chinese characters.

However, with Courier New these options make "control characters" display as a "thin" empty square.
Look in TSE's ASCII Chart menu for examples.
Unfortunately character 127 is such a control character.
Character 127 is abundantly used as a quoting character when editing a Unicode file with my Unicode extension.

Flaw 1:
If these thin characters in the text occur to the right of a menu, this causes closing the menu to not properly restore the screen.
This is only a display error. Not pretty, but not harming actual text or functionality.

Flaw 2:
Such a thin character causes TSE to left-shift the rest of the line, but not the cursor.
This makes it frustrating to edit a Unicode file after thin characters, because the cursor is positioned incorrectly.

Again, only if the configuration's 3D display options are OFF.

So currently we have a choice to make: Be able to view more Unicode characters or edit Unicode lines with less frustration.
I might be able to compensate for Flaw 2 in a next version of Uniview.


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