Edit2 v0.1: Browse and edit ADS and non-ANSI names

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Carlo Hogeveen

May 4, 2022, 7:37:34 AMMay 4
to Semware @ GoogleGroups


The first beta version of Edit2 for the Windows 10 GUI version of TSE 4.0 upwards is available.


The source of the macro contains a section with background information on alternate data streams (ADS), which is a hidden file property of the NFTS file system, and on non-ANSI characters, as for example used by exotic foreigners and evil scientists.







Edit2 is a tool that implements some of TSE's File Open functionality with the added capability to browse and edit files and alternate data streams (ADS) with non-ANSI names too.

An example of an ADS is, that when you download a file like "Edit2.zip", your web browser will typically add an invisible ADS "Edit2.zip:Zone.Identifier" to it.

An example of a file with a name that contains non-ANSI characters would be "The € report.txt".

This tool is released as a beta of a minimum viable product (MVP). The MVP part in this case means that, while the tool does add real new capabilities to TSE, it only does the minimum to implement them, without caring too much about speed, broad compatibility, perfect robustness, or optimal user-friendlyness.


·        For its input and output it requires and displays non-ANSI characters as their hexadecimal Unicode codepoint quoted with character 127 (usually a square).

·        Luckily you can browse to such folders, files and ADSes too.

·        As its parameters you can enter a folder or file or ADS, optionally with non-ANSI characters or wildcards or preceded by the options "-a" (load all) or "-d" (only ADSes) or "-s" (include subfolders).

·        These options work much like they do for TSE's File Open command, but with the additional access to non-ANSI names and ADSes.

·        Files and ADSes opened by Edit2 can be edited and saved.



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