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Deniz Yuret

Apr 15, 2010, 6:08:09 AM4/15/10
to semeval-pete
Dear Mr. Delmonte,

According to our scorer script your submission file has a score of
0.5083 after deleting F's as you mentioned. Please let us know if we
have made a mistake.


On Apr 14, 3:53 pm, rondelmo <> wrote:
> Dear Deniz,
> I just posted a message to the semeval list complaining about the
> absence of my results in the final lists.
> I went back to the file I posted and I noticed there was some problems
> in the indices associated to file names.
> For some reason an additional letter appeared in the indices ending
> with .N
> This is due to two facts: I was in a hurry to post the results, as
> everybody I assume. In order to have the output from  my RTE system I
> need to associate a letter to the indices which is then deleted
> automatically. But in the case of the .N indices that didn't happen
> simply because none of the RTE datasets contained such an extension.
> However, if you delete the F you have the results, which I computed on
> the basis of the gold and the accuracy is very high:
> 289/301 = 96% accuracy.
> Could you please include my results in the final output, thanks,
> Rodolfo

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