[ANN]: VocBench 2.4 released

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Armando Stellato

Jan 25, 2016, 6:37:20 AM1/25/16
to vocbench-user, vocbench-...@googlegroups.com, semantict...@googlegroups.com, semanticturk...@googlegroups.com

Dear VoBenchers,


We are glad to inform you that a new release of VocBench is out there!


VocBench 2.4 is available as usual on: http://vocbench.uniroma2.it/downloads/


Here’s the changelog:


·         Major change in project&user roles: now users are not assigned roles in general, but they (are allowed to) assume different roles for each project (e.g. a user could be a terminologist in one project, and the manager in another one).

·         Introduction of the ProjectManager, a role which has no full administrative privileges over the system, yet has full privileges on certain projects: their can add new users to their managed project, set their roles etc…

·         Added a Projects view. Here Project Managers and Administrators can see the list of projects (those they can see in the case of PMs) and assign new users and detail the roles of users in them

·         Extension point for ID generators: third-party developers will be able to add new implementations (note that the configurable ID generator introduced in VB2.3 will be still available as the default implementation for this extension point, with lot more options)

·         Added support for rdf:type in a dedicated tab. Now concepts can be given other types than simply skos:Concept. The class editing is not manageable through VB, but classes can be imported from external ontologies.

·         Improved alternative resource view (view only)

·         Improved user requests management for the administrator, with a dedicated panel for incoming requests (to join, to work on a language etc…) and for accepting them

·         Concept Icons changed to reflect Semantic Turkey standard icon for skos:Concepts (the old one recalled classes too much, and would be confusing when rdfs/owl:Classes come into play in VocBench). Introduced icons for classes used in the class selection rdf:type tab

·         Other minor features and improvements

·         Bugs

o   Fixed dangling concepts ICV

o   Fixed non persisting baseuri changes

o   Enabled the plain SKOS export (was nto working in VB2.3, exporting still in SKOSXL)

o   Fixed a few bugs in filtered SKOS-XL exports (by concept, by scheme, including subconcepts etc..)

o   Other minor bugs


A couple of comments for users reusing projects from previous versions of VocBench:


1)      Now each user needs separate permissions for each project. In order to restore the same situation of previous VB installations, during the installation of VB2.4 on a previously existing DB, all users have their (previously single) permissions/roles replicated on all existing projects on which they were registered. Administrators are then obviously free to apply restrictions (e.g. reduce their role in certain projects) if desired.

2)      Definitions are now using the standard dct:source property for specifying the source of their content (when it is a link). However, the definition ab should be able to read also previous triples (though the write will be consistent with the new property). Under a conservative approach, we did not include any data update script. You might decide however to update your data via a simple SPARQL update.


Also, a reminder about Semantic Turkey: due to an issue with the building system, Semantic Turkey does not feature some of its dependencies in its packaged bundle. It will download them the first time it is being run. If you plan to use it in an offline environment, pls connect it at least the first time it is being run. We will however publish soon a patch with the required libraries which can be manually added.


For developers willing to recompile the project, consider that there are a few dependencies on other projects managed by us:

-          semantic-turkey (0.12):               http://semanticturkey.uniroma2.it/      https://bitbucket.org/art-uniroma2/semantic-turkey       

o   coda (1.2):         http://art.uniroma2.it/coda/     https://bitbucket.org/art-uniroma2/coda         

o   owlart (2.4):      http://art.uniroma2.it/owlart/ https://bitbucket.org/art-uniroma2/owlart/

o   owlart-sesame2 (1.4):  https://bitbucket.org/art-uniroma2/owlart-sesame2


They are all already on Maven.

All of the above reported versions have also been tagged on their respective GIT repositories.


This time, differently from previous communications, we are not providing a list of features planned for the next version. A more elaborated email with plans for the future (yes, there are!) will follow in the next weeks.




The VocBench team




Armando Stellato

Feb 2, 2016, 6:20:10 AM2/2/16
to vocbench-user, vocbench-...@googlegroups.com, semantict...@googlegroups.com, semanticturk...@googlegroups.com

Dear all,


I’m sorry, I just noticed that I probably overlooked the upload of the new version of VB (guess it failed and I wrongly thought it didn’t) and sent the email about the new release on the list.

This could have created some confusion as there were a release candidate (VOCBENCH_2.4-RC1.zip) already out from not long before.


So, for those who were looking for the right download, here it is: VOCBENCH_2.4.zip


Sorry for the inconvenience!



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