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Jun 22, 2020, 2:01:00 PM6/22/20

SELKS community


We are pleased to announce the official availability of SELKS 6, the latest version of the open source threat hunting and IDS/IPS/NSM. It is available for free download immediately.


When we first introduced SELKS in 2014, we were not sure how it would be received. Over the years, we have come to realize that you – the members of this community – have really embraced it as an important tool in your professional toolboxes. 

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of @ManuelFFF, @im-batman and @Jeroen0494 who personally dedicated their time and expertise to the project.


This release of SELKS 6 represents a substantial milestone and includes a number of enhancements over its predecessors, including:


  • New threat hunting interface. Improved new GUI with drill down and click-based filters based on Suricata alert data.

  • New dashboard views. Twenty-six (26) new/upgraded Kibana dashboards and hundreds of visualizations that correlate alert events to NSM data and vice versa. Examples of the new dashboards include updates to application layer anomalies, alerts, TLS and JA3/JA3S views.

  • Updated versions of each component. These include ELK stack (7.7.0), Suricata (6.0.0-dev), Debian (Buster), EveBox (1:0.11.1), Moloch (2.2.3), and Scirius Community Edition (3.5.0)


You can read more about this in our blog post here:


To download the ISO images (with or without a desktop), you can visit our web page here:


Shameless commercial: SELKS is a Stamus Networks contribution to the open source community and is released, at no cost, under the GNU GPLv3 license as ISO images or as source code.



Peter and Eric

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