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Jan 6, 2017, 3:31:16 PM1/6/17
to 日本Seleniumユーザーコミュニティ

My name is Dave Haeffner. I'm a member of the Selenium project and an organizer of Selenium Conf.

For those of you that aren't familiar, Selenium Conf is an annual multi-day event where people who use Selenium (regardless of their skill level and experience with the tool) and members of the Selenium project (e.g., committers of the project like Simon Stewart, Jim Evans, etc.) come together to share their ideas and help push the project forward. It started back in 2011 in San Francisco by Jason Huggins, the folks at Sauce Labs, and the Selenium project.

Since then it's happened every year in a different location, alternating each year between the United States and outside of the United States (e.g., San Francisco, London, Boston, Banglore, Portland, etc.).

In 2018 we're hoping to bring Selenium Conf to Tokyo. But to make it happen we need help from people who live there to navigate logistics (e.g., best part of the city to have the event, help getting the word out to help sell tickets locally, help with pricing the event so it's in line with similar tech conferences in the area). Is there someone in this group who I can speak with to help bring this event to life? Please hit reply and let me know.

Also, we might be able to send some members of the Selenium project to Tokyo this year to speak at a local Selenium or automated testing user group meet-up. It could happen as early as within the next few months if we can start planning that now. Would that be of interest? Please let me know.

Dave H


Jan 7, 2017, 10:24:47 AM1/7/17
to 日本Seleniumユーザーコミュニティ
Hi, thanks for your contact to us.

I'm Nozomi Ito, the organizer of the Japan Selenium User Community.

We are glad to hear your proposal about Selenium Conf Tokyo. We want to realize this idea too, and we can cooperate with you. I and some community members can help you and talk with you. We have the community Slack channel, and I can invite you if you wish.

I think the most important problem is how to finish this event without deficit. Do you already have prospect to achieve this? Or we must resolve this in the future discussion?

> Also, we might be able to send some members of the Selenium project to Tokyo this year to speak at a local Selenium or automated testing user group meet-up.

Sounds great! We are interested in this! It is difficult for us to cover the much expense, but we can arrange the venue and event, and announce to many Japanese engineers. Our community held the large annual meet up recently, so I think holding the next meet up around this June with Selenium project member is better.

Nozomi Ito

Dave Haeffner

Jan 8, 2017, 3:31:21 PM1/8/17
to 伊藤望, 日本Seleniumユーザーコミュニティ
Hey Nozomi, thanks for responding!

Please invite me to your community Slack channel, that would perfect.

It might helpful for me to give you some more context about the conference and how we've run it in the past.

Some More Info About Selenium Conf

It's typically 3 days in length. The first day is for pre-conference workshops that run all day (e.g., during normal business hours). We typically have 4 workshops for topics like Getting Started with Selenium, Selenium Grid, Mobile Testing with Appium, and how to become a Selenium Committer. Days 2 and 3 are for the conference. The conference days are full length as well with scheduled breaks. Each conference day there are 2 parallel talk tracks with sessions typically running 45 minutes in length.

The conference tends to attract between 400 and 600 people from all over the world (including both attendees and speakers/organizing staff/etc.).

We charge admission for both the workshops (e.g., someone signs up for an individual all-day session) and the conference (e.g., a ticket gets you access to both days). We also have various corporations that sponsor the event. Our goal is always to operate the conference without a deficit. Ideally, we operate the conference at a profit, with proceeds going to the Selenium project. 

For conferences outside of the United States, we typically look for a host entity that is willing to take on the legal and financial burden of putting on the event, standing up a website, selling tickets, selling sponsorship slots, handling money, securing a venue, and navigating contracts in the host country. We have an events planning company that is willing to help fulfill this role for us in Tokyo, but are open to looking at others if you have a company that you think would be a good fit. We, the conference organizing committee, are able to help with promoting the event to the community worldwide, putting the host entity in contact with potential sponsors, and putting the speaker program together. 

Now, about that meet up later this year.

If you can arrange the venue and get the word out locally for a meetup later this year, then the Selenium project should be able to cover the travel expense for the project members that are able to make the trip. I'll check in with various Selenium project members to see if June will work for them. I'll keep you posted.

Dave H

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Jan 8, 2017, 10:09:33 PM1/8/17
to 日本Seleniumユーザーコミュニティ,
Hi Dave. Thanks for your information.

Please register your email for the Slack at

I will invite you to the channel for our discussion.

 I'll keep you posted.

Thanks. I'm waiting for your response.
We have no problem even if the available schedule is after June. We can decide the meet up day according to the speaker's schedule. 
We always have the meet up on holiday, and about 100 people participate the meet up. I think having the meet up on a holiday is better to attract many people.
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