Please help: Record and repeat testing possible with selendroid?

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Jan 29, 2019, 2:42:28 AM1/29/19
to selendroid
Hi, I am new here and looking for help from the selendroid-community.

I am working for a project called "", which does provide consumer information on Smartphone security and privacy, based in Germany. The project is run by a non profit organisation and funded by public money. We have been doing app-tests for quite a while - not from a developer perspective, but from a user perspective, testing for data flows and privacy issues. We have been doing this by MITM-attack and manually looking through the logfiles. Which is lots of work. So now we want to automate the process.

That is where Selendroid comes in: In order to see, what an app does at runtime, it needs some user interaction: register an e-mail-adress, pushing some buttons, opening some menus. Since every app is different, this is hard to automate. So we are considering, what we dubbed an "record and repeat" approach: A human tester opens the app and executes the relevant user-interaction. Every tap is thereby recorded. The idea beeing, that once the app is updated, we can rerun the test with the recorded sequence, given that the app has not changed its UI completely.

So just on a general level: Could this be done with selendroid? Has anyone been doing something comparable? Would be glad if you share your experieces.

Cheers, Mat

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