FAIRDOM-SEEK release, version 1.12.0

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Stuart Owen

May 9, 2022, 5:25:25 AM5/9/22
to seek-de...@googlegroups.com, seek4s...@googlegroups.com

We are pleased to announce a new major release of FAIRDOM-SEEK, version

Key highlights from this version include:

  * Collections - the ability to bundle together items that are
conceptually related into an ordered list, which can then be shared
together as collection.
  * New customisable front landing page - a cleaner front page, with
more useful information, that can be customized and configured per SEEK
  * Improvements to how creators can be credited - there is now an
improved UI for crediting the creators, or authors, of assets. Extra
information, such their as ORCID and affiliation, can now be added for
each creator, even if they are not registered in SEEK. The exact order
of how creators appear can also be specified.
  * Explicit ordering of Investigations, Studies and Assays - each can
be provided with an explicit order within the other, rather than the
order they are added. They can re-ordered at any time.
  * Ability to link a Sample to multiple other samples - previously, a
sample could only be linked to a single other sample. This has now been
updated to allow a one to many relationship as long as the samples are
of the same type.
  * EDAM annotations for workflows - describe the workflow operations
and topics from the EDAM ontology. This is also planned to be reused to
describe data types and formats.
  * Fixes and improvements running to under a relative URL - for those
running SEEK under a relative URL ( e.g.
https://mysite.com/fairdom-seek/), some issues were found with incorrect
links. These problems have now been fixed, for both Docker and
Bare-metal installations, and the testing process improved.
  * Workflow API enhancements updates to support the GA4GH TRS API,
allowing one click execution of Galaxy workflows, and support for
registering an RO-Crate through the API.
  * User defined workflow types - users can now add to the selection of
workflow types, if they can’t find the one they need, when registering a

More details can be found at

Details on upgrading can be found at
https://docs.seek4science.org/tech/upgrading.html. Upgrading for Docker
can be found towards the end of
https://docs.seek4science.org/tech/docker/docker-compose.html .

This upgrade includes an update to allow us to use the latest version of
the Apache solr search engine, and move away from the older version
bundled with FAIRDOM-SEEK. Unless you are running SEEK with Docker
compose, then you will need to setup and run a separate Solr service,
it's quite straight forward and please visit
https://docs.seek4science.org/tech/setting-up-solr for a guide . If you
are running the Docker version of SEEK with Docker compose then you
don't need to do anything.

Stuart & the FAIRDOM team.
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