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Stanley Muse

Jul 4, 2022, 5:31:51 AM7/4/22
to Second Advent Witnesses

Aug 8, 2022, 8:08:30 AM8/8/22
to Second Advent Witnesses
[The Testimony of a True Witness]

It was wonderful and amazing too! It found me off guard... as I watched the slender young preacher in Kibabii high school uniform enter the pulpit and start off... well, was I hearing William Branham preaching? Had he resurrected in black skin... that voice, that anointing... my! I wrapped my eyes again and again... No! it is not an optical matter...

The morning was come and calm when I arrived at the Manna House Tabernacle, for so it was called, where I had ministered a few times. It was situated in the home of a good elderly brother with a short stature, by the name of Francis Pepela. The few folks who used to fellowship in this old and seemingly earlier abandoned house, that belonged to the father of our brother, were as simple as the small brick house itself. Everything here bare the natural mark of humility and simplicity. Timothy Wanjala, a staunch Quaker follower of the founding missionary - Mr. Ford, had abandoned his small western designed house for the large parcels of land in the Kenyan schemes left by the white settlers. Note that the Quaker movement was organized around a genuine move of the Holy Spirit in England in the 17th century by  George Fox and company. These  were greatly persecuted mainly for their genuine faith in the Word of God, and that the presence of God exists in every person and soul contrary to the teaching of the leading religious organizations then.

I arrived a little late, having been delayed by the public means which I used, and found the little gathering already seated. I took my position on the bench at the back in the little sitting room that we used for fellowship. Earlier, at the daybreak, I had the option of going to any other fellowship of the Message Believers, but I was led to Misikhu Manna House fellowship. The unique name of the fellowship went beyond the simple fact that one of the rooms had been set aside as  the End-time Message books and audio tapes library serving that part of western Kenya region.

On normal occasions, I would hardly sit down to a silent prayer than my good brother Pepela would touch my back and lead me into a small room by the side and leave me there with the simple instruction, but laced with a decisive tone: “I will call you after leading the service”. However, it wasn’t  so on this particular morning; I calmly finished my silent prayer and sat with comfort in my heart that I was going to hear from our loving Heavenly Father by another brother preaching. Eventually, in earnest, my interpretation and projection were confirmed, yet not knowing that there was more to it than could meet the eye. 

We sang one of the sweetest hymns of the moment to invite the preacher! Guess what…a young man donning the school uniform of Kibabii Boys High School stepped on the pulpit which had no other facility or equipment, but a characteristic small wooden table. That the uniform comprised of a pair of long trousers and a light blue shirt, I knew he was an A-level student. I confess that he may have only looked familiar to me, but I did not know him. I cannot even tell the cause and level of familiarity that I have just referred to. There was no personal introduction in his opening remarks, nothing to give a hint of who he was, which group or denomination he sides with. Neither was he enthusiastic about the exaltation of the  Branham Message groups viz a viz the other denomination. It was wonderful and amazing too! It found me off guard... as I watched the slender young preacher in Kibabii high school uniform enter the pulpit and start off... well, was I hearing William Branham preaching? Had he resurrected in black skin... that voice, that anointing... my! I wrapped my eyes again and again... No! it is not an optical matter...

There he was in the same room I had preached, in much tears, to the little congregation a little message titled ‘Once More LORD,’ not long ago then. The short message was based on the Book of Judges 16 detailing the victorious end of the Servant of the LORD - Samson.

Verse 28:

And Samson called unto the LORD, and said, O Lord God, remember me, I pray Thee, and strengthen me, I pray Thee, only this once. O God, that I may be avenged of the Philistines for my two eyes.

Nevertheless, everything seemed made over this morning, including the sitting arrangement of the congregation which had been reversed - they now sat facing the North instead of the usual South. Thus the congregation now sat facing directly towards Mt. Elgon, which is by interpretation ‘El’s corner’ or ‘God’s corner’. Thus, the Speaker - Preacher was as one speaking from Mt. Elgon to the congregation!

I know this could be very surprising to all those who were there then to hear it thus now, but that is how God - our Heavenly Father works in simplicity, while leaving indelible signification of His accomplishments. None the less, any one of folks who can remember those days will testify of this rearrangement.  And even when a fairly bigger hall was constructed about half a kilometer away, the same setting of the Congregation facing Mt. Elgon directly was unconsciously maintained. 

His very opening remarks were the most original, sober and full of virtue that I had ever experienced in any pulpit in my country hitherto, nor from any other trending audio tapped message, except, perhaps, the taped sermons by Brother William Marrion Branham. As I marveled at the lively and authoritative words that flowed out of his mouth, I conveniently adjusted myself on the small bench so that nothing should go over me. 

Suddenly, I beheld, and his visage to me was transformed to that of the forerunner, Bro. Branham. Nevertheless, his black skin colour never changed! This was indeed a marvel as the matter was just between me and him; the rest of the congregation seemed not to be there, or at least, out of my notice! The lively breathe and unique anointing that I experienced flowing through my heart while reading the sermon Message books by Bro. Branham freshly came upon me, and now from a live preaching. My heart was finally bathed with the spiritual reality that had such a homecoming touch - at last! ‘This must be what it was and what it must be’, or so I mumbled within my heart as the preaching went on in such a frolic manner. You could almost perceive it in me.

It was a flow of confidence, assurance, originality, simplicity, humility, free Spirit and founded faith on Truth, brewed together. My! One sip is all it would take and you are drank enough to sit in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, wholly forgetful to life in this old valley below and all its cares. My boat had been rocked.

Notwithstanding, his visible youthful age not only vividly betrayed his experience in religious matters, but also denied him any tutorship by the then fairly trending pastors in both starchy religious organizations and the then upcoming charismatic denominations. No! Not even among the latest on the block, the End-time Message Believers’ Pastors. Then, what would be the answer to his overriding wisdom and unfeigned original authority? He was full of the live Word! No wonder, with time, some of the most seasoned in the latter group of pastors, while unawares, embraced him for a while because of the anointing upon him witnessed in his preaching, only to quickly disown him as naïve, inexperienced and possessed with a strange spirit likened to Elijah Wa Nameme - Musambwa, which could be symmetrically likened to Theudas or Judas of Galilee in the days of taxing spoken off in the Book of Acts 5:37. Remember that all these came on the scene just before our Lord Jesus Christ First Coming, and in the same region, County and tribe of Galilee. Mark this because we will revisit it. 

Yeah, the platform for a modern Gamaliel, a doctor and a pharisee of Pharisees was erected, but who would hearken to his words? The sect of the Sadducees were filled with indignation, and could not hear a word, even from a notable one among themselves. They have all pledged to rather go astray, and so have they.  They also attempted, as we shall narrate later, to lay their hands on the apostles by the secret arm of the CID of the country, but to no avail. The same angel of the Lord that opened the prison doors by night for the apostles, and brought them forth, could not suffer them fulfil their plot. The chief CID officer must have later relayed his experience with the innocent pair he had intently interrogated. Glory to our Heavenly Father, even the Father of He who was fore-ran by Prophet William Branham, Amen.

Oh, back to the calm morning Service, I do not remember how exactly the maiden Sermon ended, but the blessings, the worship at the end and the soaking of our little hearts by the Spirit of God was amazing. My eyes were opened and bright! I started thinking of one of the schools of thought that held it then that the Prophet forerunner, Bro Branham, would resurrect and ‘Ride this trail once more!’ How many remember this with me? It had been picked from a night vision that Rev. walker had and told of the prophet on a great white military horse on a high up pyramid rock from the East, related in the Sermon, And  Knoweth It Not of 15th August, 1965. Bro Branham had served the Lord for thirty years then when he again took special reference in the scripture of Rev. 3:14, the letter to the angel of Laodiceans. It had always been sweet musing about Bro. Walker’s dream. Although I didn’t join any of the schools, it was settled in me that this was a great prophecy of the season beyond the forerunner, since evidently it was a dream by the Holy Ghost. 

Could this be him, and that he was to be born back as a black African? This was one of the kind of questions that kept stubbornly probing me yet with such a strong tie post somewhere that finally it is Come! What? The working of the mighty Hand of God, even the Day of the LORD. How? I couldn’t tell. But why black this time? I had no answer then, but could neither rise against the blessed assurance in my heart nor even make a mild attempt of the same….

(To be continued)

Ola Solomon

Aug 8, 2022, 11:07:42 AM8/8/22
Is this a confirmation email? that William Branham resureected or what.
I want to know what this move is about.
Preparing for the rapture or for the manifestation of sons of God.
I want to know more about the third pull ministry you are heralding pls.

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Kadesh Bernea

Aug 8, 2022, 12:52:40 PM8/8/22
No, that is an introduction to along testimony... That was just the writer's thoughts as he encountered the younger preacher. The writer will be adding more portions regularly to finally wrap up his testimony. Remember Branham identifies the seventh seal with the third pull and that has to do with the manifestation of the sons of God, the second coming of Christ, and the rapture. So we are preparing for all that as the scriptures warn us not to slumber in the cares of the present world, not to be drunken with the deceitfulness of the desire for riches, not to be drunken with the deceit of religion, but to keep our lamps burning with the testimony of the Holy Spirit. 
Yes, have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed? For only the Holy Spirit can reveal to you what God is presently doing. Brother Branham slept but the Holy Spirit never slept. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Are you there? Do you believe God speaks today through His servants today as He did through Branham? The only thing you must watch is the scriptures... What a man speaks, if it doesn't dovetail through the Bible and if it  puts God in the past tense, then it is a lie of Satan. God is I AM. He is as much present with us today as He ever was. He is not silently listening to all the confusion raging in the churches of the message of Branham, but He is daily speaking against every corruption that profanes His name. Believest thou this...? As the Holy Spirit saith, Today if you hear His voice harden not your heart...
To be sure that you don't come short of anything that God is fulfilling this hour, all which is heading up towards the third pull... The manifestation of the sons of God, the second coming of Christ, the seven thunder ministry, the resurrection and rapture.... Be sure that you have received the Holy Spirit. No man can make you understand spiritual things. No man can reveal to you God's promises being fulfilled this hour. It takes the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit alone. He will lead you into the Whole truth. So, have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed...? Did you experience a real Birth into the Body of Christ? And are you led by the Holy Spirit daily? Does He speak do you, revealing the counsel of God to you today? Does He bath your heart with divine love all the time. Do you love your bitterest enemies as you love yourself and would care for your enemy the way you care for your child? Do you bear the fruit of the spirit all round...? Patient, humble, meek, lowly, kind, forbearing, forgiving, showing mercy, loving and gracious even unto those who oppose you, fight you and misuse you?
Yes, have you died out of the fashion of this world. You care not for what you will eat, drink, dress, or stay in? You love the Word of God with all your heart, soul, and spirit, and you are ready to lay down your life for the sake of the Gospel. Ready to walk into the fiery furnace for the sake of the truth?
Marvel not that I demand of you these things, for all who ever were born of the Word had these fruits manifested out of their lives freely. They were as humble as doves, as meek and lowly as lambs, as solid to the Word of God as a mountain, yet as simple as a child. 
That is where you start the journey to the Third Pull, to the resurrection, to the rapture and to meet Jesus Christ in the air... Yes, brother, have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed? 
The  Holy Spirit is God in your heart! Throughout the New Testament they received Him in earnest, we are thirsting, praying, hungering and craving to receive Him in fullness... To be filled with the fullness of God! God on two feet! One with our God... The Eternal, Omnipotent God finally resting in our hearts! I can't stop short of that! No compromise with useless religious notions... My hunger and thirst goes beyond all dogmatic teaching. All that will satisfy me is the fullness of God in my heart, to be as perfect as He is. Are you there? Then let us move on!

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Ola Solomon

Aug 8, 2022, 5:04:40 PM8/8/22
By the grace of God through the revelation of the son of man ( the revelation of the message of WMB) revealed today by Christ ,the revelation 10:1 messenger of the convenant,I have received a measure of the holy Spirit and craving earnestly for his fullness by another outpouring of the holy ghost.
I hope to hear more from you and know more about what you know of the book of 2nd Thessalonia 4:16. the ministries of the 2nd coming of Christ and where we are at today .

Kadesh Bernea

Aug 9, 2022, 2:58:47 AM8/9/22
Amen! May He lead your way and steps towards that fullness. We are all looking forward to it... The seventh seal holds it, the thing that only the Father knows. No man knows, no angel knows, not even the Son, but the Father. But He will cause it to come to pass, for it is His Word. For eyes have not seen, neither ear heard nor has it entered into the heart of any man what is in store for that final Gospel Dispensation. That is what will bring to pass tremendous victory in love divine. We have posted a little more on

Kadesh Bernea

Aug 9, 2022, 4:39:50 AM8/9/22
You mean 1st Thess 4:16... Isn't it? Three stages of the coming of Christ, three events in his coming, for the way He came the first time, that is the way He ever comes. For the scripture says He comes by Water, Blood and the Spirit bears witness... In His first advent, John the Baptist was the Water Message, the voice of one crying in the wilderness, that is the shout... What shout? The scripture calls it the shout of the king. The Word made flesh was the voice of blood, and the Holy Spirit descended to bear witness... Water, blood, Spirit.

At the second coming, the message of Branham the Baptist was the shout, it was a ministry of water... A Baptist you know, just like John, restoring back the right Baptism and not only that but Baptism represents the washing of water by the Word, so the shout restores the Word as water for washing to get a people ready for the Lord. Yes, the ministry of the Baptist of Ohio was the shout of the king in His second coming... A coming which even angels know nothing about! A top secret.

Now, if the shout was a ministry of the Water of the Word, then certainly the Voice of the arch-angel must be a ministry of the Word, for it is the Voice of the Blood that speaks better things than Abel's. That is the voice of the Word in flesh. After this ministry has been fully fulfilled, then the Holy Ghost arrives in fullness to bear witness of it among many. Oh, what a Pentecost then! What a trumpet! What a Jubilee then! The dead won't help but shoot out to also bear witness among the living saints... It will be a ministry far beyond the Pentecost of the apostles. It will finally send Satan to prison anyhow. Exactly! Oh, I feel like shouting and hollering all over the place now!

Look! John the Baptist was the earnest ministry of the shout, but when Branham arrived it struck the fullness, struck the seven peaks! Struck the seals! Oh, it went plump into the very heavens as he was caught up seeing the departed saints. It laid bear the antichrist malady from Genesis to revelation. If you compare the message of John the Baptist and that of Branham, John's message seems a drop in an ocean. Isn't it? Why? John was in the earnest, but Branham arrived with the fullness of the shout.

Jesus in His first advent was the Word in flesh. He revealed Himself in earnest. That is why the whole New Testament has been based on the earnest. But in His second advent He brings the fullness of Himself in clear view. That is the voice of the arch-angel, the arch-messenger, a messenger of messengers, with those seven thunders! For the man with the seven Stars in his right has also the seven spirits of God, and He also has the seven eyes of God, and the seven horns of anointing... Certainly then He is the man with the seven thunders. What is that sevenfold voice in Him? The voice of the arch-angel, for He is the arch-messenger! Yes, it is the voice of the Word! For in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He is the very Word... The living walking Word... The very Word that God Spoke out of His mouth to manifest Himself. He is the Spoken (not written) Word, the very original Seed. As Isaac was the original Seed of Abraham, so Jesus Christ is the Original Seed of God... Yeah, the written Word is called the Bible, but Christ is the Spoken, living, walking Word of God, riding on a white horse, leading the heavenly armies! The written Word is a dead letter, you can learn all of it but remain dead, but whoever has the son of God, the Spoken Word of God, has life in himself as Jesus has life in himself! Oh, glory to God! Jesus Christ is the Spoken Word of God, the Original Seed to multiply into the sons of God like stars for multitude! The Spoken Word begins all, and the Spoken Word ends all... Spoken by the seven-thunder voice of the almighty!

The devil interprets and peddles lies about the written scriptures, misinterpreting and deceiving men in religious camps, but there is one thing he can't touch, he knows nothing about it... What is it? The Spoken Word, spoken by the seven thunders! For Him has God sealed with His rainbow seal. He is beyond all knowledge, beyond all writings, beyond all religions, beyond all languages from Babel, Spoken not in English, not in Hebrews, not any language of men, but Spoken in God's own divine language! No man can learn that language save he who is filled with the fullness of God. 

Look! If God Spoke His Word, which language did He use? Not man's language, not even the angel's language, but the Holy Ghost language! God's language is pure and perfect, it has seven vowels and twenty four consonants exactly. So, no human tongue can utter it! No! Not even an angel! That is the language of the Spoken Word! 

The devil has messed up Churches including Branham Churches by misinterpreting the written Word to them, he just makes them confused. You can't perfect anything by the written Word... The devil by his shrewdness will always meddle with it... But there is one thing that is beyond Him, the Third Pull, the Spoken Word sealed by God's own language! It is beyond all knowledge! God alone has the password to it! And He reveals it to whom He chooses. It can't be read. It can't be learned. It can't be taught. So the devil has no way of reaching it. That is one thing that the devil knows nothing about.

Notice, that the devil has ever impersonated not only the gifts of the Holy Spirit but also the written Word... That is why he has filled the world with dead religions, each claiming the Bible. But there is one thing that Satan won't make a religion out of it. What is it? The Spoken Word!

John 6:27 KJV
Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you: for him hath God the Father sealed.

In which seal is the Spoken Word sealed? Not the first, second or third. Not the fourth, fifth or sixth. It is the seventh, the rainbow seal.

Matthew 11:27 KJV
All things are delivered unto me of my Father: and no man knoweth the Son, but the Father; neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him.

Jesus Christ the Spoken Word of God is sealed away from every theologian. They can learn and teach the bible and meddle with it, but there is one thing they can't meddle with. It is beyond their heads. What is that? The voice of the arch-angel, the Spoken Word of God! It will never be written in man's language, that mars it and gives Satan a chance to meddle with it and peddle lies. It is kept away from all and the same brings in the ministry of the third pull in fullness. Brother Branham had it in part, but we are looking for the fullness of the ministry of the unwritten Word... The living, walking Word on two feet... Praise the Lord!

Yes, the sons of the Word, in their fullness, when God in Christ has stepped in them, will be the brand new Bible Version which no man can read. They will be the published Word of God, published in their hearts. Not written, but the begotten Bible Version... A language that the devil can never learn whatever he does. That is the final Bible Version. For the first Bible Version was the Spoken Word, the only begotten of God, and He was planted to grow, mature and publish himself into many members, the sons of God. So, the generation of the Word of God will be the final Bible Version which can never be read by the adulterous eyes of religious knowledge. Believest thou these things? Behold it is on your doorsteps. Arise therefore and incline your ear.

Ola Solomon

Aug 10, 2022, 12:30:30 PM8/10/22
Amen,.The hope that I am living for ...
Letting of the pressure
Hope we get along in the journey to the outpouring of the holy ghost upo the end time saints 
The revelation is clearly stated 
God standing on the face of the Earth today,one leg on sea and one on land...meaning he is locative...Bro Branham say don't dislocate or misinterpreted the message.
As John the Baptist is from the West and Christ Came from the East so shall the coming of the Son of man be today.
Matthew 24 v 22-28.
As light shineth from the East unto the West so shall the coming of the son of man be..and wheresoever the Carcass is there will the eagles be gathered together.

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