Pololu S9V11F5 5V step-up/step-down regulator

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Terry Smedley

Nov 22, 2022, 8:54:46 PM11/22/22
This step-up/step-down regulator is on sale at Pololu now for $9.95/each (regular price $14.95),  limit 4.  Most of Pololu's other regulators are also on sale for their annual Black Friday event.



Nov 22, 2022, 9:17:58 PM11/22/22
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I placed an order for 4 but did have a little trouble.  You must  remember to put in the Coupon Code (BF22P2836) while viewing your Shopping Cart – you won’t be asked at order time.


After I put in the coupon code something wacky happened to the site and I couldn’t click on the button to proceed (or pretty much do anything).  But I managed to put the 4 items plus the coupon in my cart.  This was with Chrome browser


So I logged into the site with Edge and was able to proceed and complete the order (the items were already in my cart and the discounted price was indicated).


Not sure if this is a Chrome/Edge thing or just something dumb I did…


  • Glenn

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