H8 backplane side panel and base in Wood!

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Norberto Collado

Sep 10, 2021, 1:01:11 AM (13 days ago) Sep 10
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Hello Glenn,


As I have the old H8 backplane, do you have the means to cut the side panel and the base to hold such side panel in wood? I just want to have something to secure the old H8 backplane in place, so it is easy to insert and remove boards for testing and debug. I’m tired of opening my system to debug boards.


As I saw this picture it just gave me hopes that you can do wood cutting.


A picture containing case, accessory

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Sep 10, 2021, 6:05:51 AM (12 days ago) Sep 10
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My plan is to use the drill press to create the correct size holes to hold the brass fittings.  This may take some experimentation. The idea is that as you screw in the 6-32 screw it provides enough expansion pressure to allow the knurled portion of the fitting to bite into the wood.  Drill the hole too big and the fittings will be loose and the side panels may come off.  On the original plastic Heath panels we used a soldering iron to melt these into the plastic.   I do not plan to rout the wood to create the recess nor do I initially plan to have the little lip that provides support for the lid. This will mean that I can’t put anything heavy on top of the system.


Though I don’t own a CNC router that would be capable of reproducing a near exact replica of the original Heath panels.


For your test jig purposes you could simply use wood screws with spacers.  I’d be happy to create you a board to do that (though for the test jig I wouldn’t use cherry!)

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Paul Birkel

Sep 10, 2021, 6:21:35 AM (12 days ago) Sep 10
to se...@googlegroups.com, glenn.f...@gmail.com

Consider adding a modest amount of epoxy glue around the fitting-knurl before insertion into the wood; that would likely avoid dependence on exacting hole tolerance and screw-expansion.


norberto.collado koyado.com

Sep 10, 2021, 7:08:55 PM (12 days ago) Sep 10
to se...@googlegroups.com, glenn.f...@gmail.com

I just need something simple even with the cheapest wood to hold the backplane in place, so it is easy to insert boards and to take them out. Nothing fancy.


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