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Oct 24, 2022, 6:43:59 PM10/24/22
I've got two books in my scanning queue - HUG Software Volume I and Volume
II - have these already been scanned? My Google Fu isn't coming up with

They appear to consist entirely of program listings. :)


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Oct 24, 2022, 7:35:31 PM10/24/22
On Vol 1 (and to my knowledge, only Vol 1): cutting to the chase: the software has been preserved in digital cassette form (H8T) and analog form (.WAV)
Contents of above:

These were created from the original .WAV files posted by Mark Garlanger:

I believe this is the entire contents of 885-1008 (the hard copy version of Vol 1 which is 885-1009 in cassette form).

Longer story:...

I also have hard copy of Volumes 2, 3 and 4. (I believe there was also a vol 5 but I don't have that). David Troendle and I tried an experiment scanning one of the programs to see if we could OCR it and read it in to BASIC. That proved to be more difficult than we wanted to take on so we abandoned that effort. Subsequently I was able to digitize the Vol 1 programs from Mark's preserved .WAV files. See also my posting to this group from last January: (click on the top entry to expand my full message)

Even more...:
To my knowledge Volumes 2 and beyond have not been scanned. But what would be more useful is to find the original tapes, or .WAV files created from them. I think that for Vol 2 that would be 885-1014? Vol 3 is probably 885-1016? Then we could re-create the code (the alternative being to type in the code like in the "old days"). As I recall the volumes got progressively smaller and of less interest after Vol 1. Soon thereafter HUG went to all digital (tape and/or disk) software archival..

So.... Does anyone happen to have the digital tapes of these early volumes? If do we should be able to preserve them. Otherwise the next best thing would be to scan the hardcopy listings... (and type in the code for any particularly interesting programs).

Unfortunately we are still missing quite a bit of the original HUG library. Makes you wonder what happened to all the master copies. In a dump somewhere in Benton Harbor? Or maybe a musty box in a basement somewhere?...

- glenn
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