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Glenn Roberts

Jun 28, 2021, 11:05:37 AMJun 28
to se...@googlegroups.com

Do we have the Watzman ROM sources?




I don’t see it on Les’ site.  This seller has some other Heath disks… located in Portland OR.



  • Glenn


Terry Gulczynski

Jun 28, 2021, 11:30:40 AMJun 28
to se...@googlegroups.com

I have (attached) a source code ZIP file that contains the below quoted
msg from Barry (to Chris Elmquist). I have no idea if it's the latest
and greatest. I took a quick look for a version # and didn't see anything:

> I do still have the original files. I don't remember all of the
> differences, but a major difference was that it was just plain faster ...
> you could RELIABLY run the terminal at higher baud rates than with the
> standard ROMs. The clock was another difference. There were more but I
> don't remember what they were. My recollection is that Heath sold the
> source code and that there was a write-up about them in a Remark article.
> I have no problems with this material being distributed in any form as long
> as I am given credit as the source of this software.
> Barry Watzman
> Wat...@neo.rr.com


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Watzman ROM.zip

Glenn Roberts

Jun 28, 2021, 1:38:33 PMJun 28
to se...@googlegroups.com
So this certainly appears to be the contents of HUG 885-1221, though I do wonder why there were two disks in the original distribution? Not worth $75 to find out though!

Thanks Terry. We'll have to get this posted to the ROM section on SEBHC...

- glenn
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Mark Garlanger

Jun 29, 2021, 1:08:19 AMJun 29
to se...@googlegroups.com
Yes, we have it. Here is the README.DOC from the disk, I'll try to get it up on my site soon:

                               THE WATZMAN/HUG H19

                                HUG P/N 885-1221

        This disk contains the source files, assembled HEX files, and the 

        documentation  file for the WATZMAN/HUG H19 replacement  firmware 

        for H19, H19A, and Z19 terminals and the terminal portion of H88, 

        H89,  H89A,  Z89, and Z90 computers.  Here is a brief explanation 

        of the files.

        DISK A

        MYH19.DOC -- This file explains the features,  installation,  and 

        use of the WATZMAN/HUG H19.  If you want to list it on a printer, 

        use the following command line.

        A>PIP LST:=d:MYH19.DOC[T8]

        Replace d: with an appropriate drive designation (A:-F:).

        MYH19.HEX  -- This is the assembled code portion of the  WATZMAN-

        /HUG H19.

        KEYBD.HEX  -- This  is  the assembled  keyboard  portion  of  the 

        WATZMAN/HUG H19.

        KEYBD.ASM -- This is the source for KEYBD.HEX.

        DISK B

        MYH19.ASM  -- This is the source for  MYH19.HEX.   It was written

using  Digital Research's MAC assembler,  which should be used if

you wish to re-assemble it.


*   Heath Users' Group   *


* The Heath Users' Group is provided  by Heath Company as *

* a service to its members  for the purpose  of fostering *

* the exchange of ideas to enhance  their usage of Heath *

* Equipment.  As such, little or no evaluation  of  the *

* program(s) is performed. The prospective user is hereby *

* put on notice that the program  may contain  faults the *

* consequences of which Heath Company in general and the *

* Heath Users' Group (HUG) in particular  cannot  be held *

* responsible. The prospective  user  is,  by virtue  of *

* obtaining and using these programs,  assuming full risk *

* for all consequences.   *


* The WATZMAN/HUG H19 was developed using CP/M 2.2.03 and *

* was tested on H19 terminals, and is believed to be free *

* of program errors.   If any errors are found, fixes for *

* them  (if any)  will be published in  REMark  magazine. *

* Individual  attention to problems of this nature is not *

* possible with a group as large as ours.                 *


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