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Alex - K3CIM

May 8, 2022, 4:47:54 PM5/8/22

May 8, 2022, 7:49:30 PM5/8/22

Alex: hope you’re doing ok!   I too skipped this event due to a prior travel commitment


Thanks for forwarding these links. I certainly recognize those rooms!


To me the most impressive exhibits are from people who’ve pick one area of specialization and really focus on preserving and enhancing those machines.  That’s very much my own philosophy (with Heathkit of course!)


Loved these:

                Pdp-8 paper tape reader (which there was more video of the machine itself)

                Core64 – very cool

                Old phones – loved the video of the stepper relay responding to dials! (see sidebar below…)

                See thru Apple-II case – we need one for the H8!

                Mike Loewen’s restored Sol – love the wood panels!

                Xerox Alto.


Sidebar: I remember touring a Ma Bell (it was all Ma Bell back then) switching center on Long Island when I was a kid (area code 516).  Back then we still used letters to denote exchanges.  We were MOhawk9 (669).  This was the MOhawk-9 switching center. It was a brick building (no windows of course) and the public was invited on tours for their opening.  Anyway it was rack after rack of switching relays, all chattering away. Wow!  We left with a souvenir “princess” phone keychain, which I still have somewhere.  It was such an awesome experience (I was probably 8?) that it likely set me on a path to be an engineer.  The other similar event was when our 19” B&W Sylvania TV died. This was terrible! How was I going to watch Hogan’s Heroes?  Gilligan’s Island??  The TV repair guy was named McNamara and he worked out of his garage a few blocks away.  He turned the TV on its side, opened the bottom, clipped the leads off a giant “sandwich thingy” (selenium rectifier) soldered in a tiny little magic bead (silicon rectifier) and the TV came to life!  5 minutes tops! It was magic!  I was in awe of the power of McNamara’s wizardry!


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