"CTRL-P" for HDOS?

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Jul 28, 2022, 9:07:20 AM (11 days ago) Jul 28
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Looking for a way to capture console output to the printer in HDOS.  This is trivial in CP/M of course.


I’m using the Microsoft L80 linker and it outputs a symbol map to the console, which is very useful for debugging with RDT and the front panel.  Would like to have a hard copy.  I can do this, of course, by using a terminal emulator on the PC, capturing the session log and printing it, but I was hoping for a way to do this using my normal H19 console setup.


Sounds like the kind of thing Pat Swayne used to dream up in his spare time.  I looked through the old HUG software catalog and didn’t see anything.  thoughts?  Anyone recall a way to do this?  Thx.


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Terry Smedley

Jul 28, 2022, 5:45:47 PM (11 days ago) Jul 28

Reaching into the fog here....but I recall bits and pieces of two programs that might do this:

PARALLELER  (by Keyboard Studio)

IIRC, this was intended to parallel the HDOS console through a modem connection, but I believe it permitted other HDOS devices to be used for the parallel connection.

OS.DVD (oooohhhhh I don't remember many details here, but I have the H17 disk at home)

I *think* this provided some interesting HDOS utility functions, one of which *might* have been printer echo.

I'm on the never-ending woodcutting expedition until Saturday, but I can find these disks when I get home if you don't get a better lead before then.


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