Lots of VCF (Vintage Computing Fest) events this fall!

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Glenn Roberts

Jul 9, 2021, 6:37:44 AMJul 9
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The VCF East exhibitor list has been updated.  The event is October 8-10 in Wall, NJ. Alex Bodnar and I have registered for tables (3 total) and asked to be adjacent.  The list of exhibitors is still small but interesting:




I know a few SEBHCers have said they plan to attend, which is great!  we’ll need to coordinate including on what to demonstrate, man the tables, etc.


I’ll send additional coordination email as the date gets closer…


Looks like all the VCF events are playing catch up this fall!:


VCF West (Mt. View)  August 7 & 8                           https://vcfed.org/wp/festivals/vintage-computer-festival-west/

VCF Southeast (Atlanta)   August 20-22                   https://vcfed.org/wp/festivals/otherevents/vintage-computer-festival-southeast/

VCF Mid-West (Chicago/Elmnurst) September 11-12        http://vcfmw.org/

VCF East                               October 8-10                      https://vcfed.org/wp/festivals/vintage-computer-festival-east/


Any plans for any of the others besides VCF East?


  • Glenn


norberto.collado koyado.com

Jul 9, 2021, 8:57:27 PMJul 9
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Perhaps you can show the new updated H8, with new Z80 v4 CPU, 512KB board, new H17/H37/H67 controller, new backplane, new front panel, network, and new sound card (SSI). That will be really cool.

I'm traveling during such time to visit my mom as she is 94 years old and still in great health. At such age she does not need to take any pills to be active. I hope to have some of that DNA.

Take pictures for me to see the different lovely systems.

Norberto 🙂

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Glenn Roberts

Jul 10, 2021, 1:33:08 PMJul 10
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Yes will show “old” and “new”.  “old” likely to be an H9/H8(8080) with tape drive simulated by PC or Pi.  “new” will be as much of the latest and greatest “H8 2021” gear I can show.  Our resident evil genius (Terry S.) has some great ideas to help show all this off.  more later…


Jul 10, 2021, 3:50:46 PMJul 10
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If you're planning on doing the West Coast one in August, you may be too late. They are no longer taking exhibits. Of course, you might be able to share a spot with someone else as they've not finalized the indiviual exhibit size yet.
Do move fast, the clock is ticking.

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